4 People Who not only Lost Weight but Found their True Worth!

Weight Loss Journey

Losing weight is not just about physical appearance. It is much more than that. It is an emotional journey for a majority of people. And a life changing too.

People do not just lose weight but regain their confidence, earn the much-desired respect and find their true worth. Let’s meet some of them.

CA Srinivas could Walk after 30 years!

Srinivas is a practicing Chartered Accountant from Hyderabad. He suffered from polio since childhood. He met a doctor who said he could operate him for polio but one condition: lose 10 kgs before the operation.

Srinivas weighed 90 kgs. And what was more worrying was that he had been suffering from diabetes and high cholesterol for over 5 years.

He came to Possible to lose 10 kgs. But he did not lose 10 kgs. He lost 22 kgs. Also, his diabetes and cholesterol came under control.

His dosage of medications reduced by 75-100%. And finally, he could get operated for polio in 2015. For the first time in his life, he was able to walk without support.

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Srinivas did not just lose weight, he rediscovered himself. He does watersports and does regular gymming.  He feels that “Possible” was God-sent for him.

Anirudh Discovered a Marathoner and Trekker in himself

Anirudh lost 25 kgs with the program in a very healthy manner. But what did the weight loss do to him? It transformed him completely as a person.

He discovered his love for fitness, running and trekking. He now takes trips to Ladakh for trekking and runs half marathons!

He has also become a mini-celebrity and a role model for his friends and family.

He hasn’t only transformed his life but has also the lives of around 100 others who have joined the program following his footsteps.

Sheuli went on to become Mrs India Spark!

It all started when the 35-year old, Sheuli Bhatia decided to contest in the Mrs. India Queen of Substance 2016 pageant.

Making it as one of the finalists, this mother of 2 was desperate to get in better shape to win the competition.

However, problems with thyroid hormones and asthma made weight loss and strenuous exercise very difficult for her.

She knew she had to act fast and exercise didn’t seem to be working for her.  “I soon realized that fitness is only 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. One can’t outrun the fork!”, rues Bhatia.

Then came the turning point in her life. It was her husband who believed in the healing power of food and motivated Sheuli to join Possible. Thus began Sheuli’s transformation.

Sheuli Lost around 10kgs - truweight

“You won’t believe but I was eating my way to healthy weight loss and the entire credit goes to Possible”, exults Sheuli.

Usually, weight loss foods and diets are infamous for being boring for the tongue thus killing the motivation to continue.

“Possible’s superfoods were something to look forward to and I relished every morsel. These superfoods helped in making my weight loss journey more enjoyable”.

Tasty, nutritious diet along with personalized mentoring by extremely qualified dieticians did the trick for Sheuli.
Sheuli’s trust soon paid off and she has lost around 10 kgs!.

She says, “Possible helped me in getting and staying fit and the confidence helped me bag the prestigious crown of Mrs. India Spark. I will always associate my journey and my success of winning this title with Possible.”

Manisha delivered a baby after 5 years of struggle

Manisha (name changed) came to Possible after struggling with PCOS for years with no permanent results. She was unsuccessfully trying to conceive for 5 long years with hormonal imbalance.

Manisha’s gynecologist clearly suggested that she has to lose weight to conceive as she was obese with a BMI of 36 and weighed 85 kgs.

Along with irregular cycles, she had hypothyroidism. She was on medications for regularizing menstrual cycles, insulin resistance and to correct her thyroid hormone levels.

What did she gain?

Manisha lost a total of 9.9kgs in 4.5 months before she conceived in 2015. In the first two months, her menstrual cycles regularized without medication.

Her TSH came under normal range. But none of these are important. The happiest news is that she finally conceived in 2015.

And now she is a happy mother of a healthy baby 🙂 Can there be any joy bigger than this joy?

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    • mehnaz says:

      Hi Promila,
      You came to the right place. Weight loss is the combined effect of Healthy diet and physical activity. In Truweight we believe that 80 % diet and 20 % physical activity leads to a healthy weight loss. For more information, please call us at 08064514959. Our representative will get in touch with you ASAP.

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    Hii.. Myself Abhishek i wanna loose 25 kg in 1 or 1 n half month.. I am ready for hard diet and everything just wanna loose it fast…

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