Significance Of Liver Health And Its Impact On Body’s Weight

Impact of liver health on weight

Liver health – A healthy liver is important for all of us. Majority of us do not really know the importance of the liver. and lot of us have the habit to smoke and drink our way out. But doing this is really bad for your liver.

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The healthy person may not think about his liver but it carries a lot of importance in the body. Liver majorly helps in the digestion of food.

The liver helps in processing the food and drinks that have been consumed by you.

It is the liver that provides the body with food, energy, fats and transports other unimportant material from the body.

Liver being the largest and important organ in the human body, consumption of healthy diet stands with utmost importance to keep the liver healthy. It is always recommended to stick with good green leafy food and vegetables to keep your liver and body healthy.

It helps the human body to process food and liquids consumed and transport them throughout the body as minerals, vitamins, proteins, and fiber.

Smoking and alcohol is a strict no for the liver and over the time your liver gets damages and then your body faces problems. It makes the human liver is prone to problems like fatty liver cell which also has a huge impact on weight.

What are fatty liver cells?

Have you ever heard about the fatty liver cells? How do they affect your body and liver? And how important is it to lose weight?

Fatty liver cells is a disease or a condition that develops majorly to people who drink excessively.

This is a condition that affects people who are already diabetic or obese. Hence it is important to keep your weight in check. This disease is becoming common in Asian countries.

There is no gender difference for fatty liver cells. It develops equally in men or women. It is majorly confined to middle age group but can be found in children too. Studies have also suggested that many Indian men are vulnerable to this disease.

The term used for fatty liver cells is hepatic steatosis. Scientist says that it is okay to have a small amount of fat in the liver but the increased amount in the same can be a problem.

Liver being an important organ in the body helps in the processing of food and drinks and other than this, it is important for many other reasons too.

A lot of liver fat can lead to long-term liver damage. Liver fatty cells are diagnosed when a human liver contains more than 5 percent of fatty cells. It is common with people who drink and have type 2 diabetics.

The liver is an organ that commonly rebuilds itself. Whenever the liver cells are damaged, it rebuilds new liver cells. But a regular damage in liver cells leads to permanent scarring. It is a condition that is also known as fibrosis in scientific terms. Fatty liver cells are becoming a common problem in people nowadays. This is not good for health.

When the fatty liver cells are minimal, it can be managed through proper diet, weight loss and proper physical activity. This can be done only if the cells have no harmful symptoms.

The condition is reversible and it can get better when you take proper health care. It is important to consume vegetables to keep your liver healthy. Other than that you can exercise or brisk walk regularly and help in reducing weight.

Fatty liver cells can be of two types

  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
  • Alcoholic fatty liver disease also called alcoholic steatohepatitis

The first type is a simple NAFLD type disease that can be cured with simple procedures and this also does not cause heavy damage to the liver. It comes with lower or no inflammation. But sometimes this might also get worse and lead to cirrhosis or liver cancer in common terms.

The second type is caused due to heavy consumption of alcohol. The human liver is responsible for breaking down the alcohol you drink.

During this process, it releases harmful substances that make the liver weak. Eventually, this would lead to cirrhosis or liver cancer too.

Symptoms of fatty liver cells

Generally, it is said that there are no symptoms for the fatty liver cells. But it is also studied that the body gets inflammation for the people with fatty liver cells.

It makes the body weak and very vulnerable to harmful diseases and cancer. The body gets weak, faced regular fatigue and abdominal problems. Yet another symptom this has is the liver gets slightly enlarged which the doctors can spot.

Poor appetite
Poor appetite

Other symptoms related to fatty liver cells are:

  1. Poor appetite
  2. Continual weight loss without any reason
  3. Abdominal pains
  4. Physical weakness while doing any sort of work
  5. Fatigue or getting tired very easily, and
  6. Confusion. Confusion on things or what to do what not to do.

Other than this it also includes symptoms like:

  1. Slight expanding of liver
  2. Yellowing in skin and eyes as consequences of jaundice.
  3. Abnormal bleeding

These symptoms must be kept in check. Any discomfort in the body must be immediately reported and consulted with the doctor. Fatty liver cells can get worst and once you do not get a hold on them, they can also lead to cancer.


There are many ways to diagnose fatty liver cells. This can be done by a physical examination, a blood test or by image study of MRI, CT scan, liver biopsy or any other suggestion by the doctor.

It is also important to keep your weight in check. Drinking and smoking can cause you no good.

It is good to give up on alcohol, reduce weight, and keep sugar or diabetics in control to get rid of fatty liver cells.

Other than that one can also maintain a healthy diet and exercise at least 20 to 30 minutes a day to keep fit and healthy.


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