Ajay’s Story Of Losing 15 Kilos And Finding A New Energy Level!

Ajay weight loss journey

Ajay weight loss journey

Ajay Parashar is a 41 year old man from service background.

Besides being affected with a growing weight, becoming inactive was a real concern for Ajay. With Possible, he lost a whopping 15 Kgs in just 3 months.

What health problems (if any) were you facing before you approached Possible:

Because off the weight, I developed a few health issues. Out of which my constant back pain and low energy levels were two prominent issues. I was becoming lazy day by day.

What was the best thing you liked about Possible?

The best thing that I liked about Possible has to be their easy diet plans and the constant support from the dietician.

After a certain point of time, it becomes difficult to stay focussed on your diet plan. This is where Possible’s dieticians play the key role.

They are in constant support throughout the weight loss journey. My dietician motivated me to never go off the track and keep the determination on.

How do you feel after losing all that weight? Has your health, confidence, fitness levels improved after you lost weight?

Yes I feel much better, fit and young. Following the diet plans helped me adopt healthy eating habits.

I have realized that foods can be the most powerful thing when it comes to fighting different health problems as well as weight gain.

After the program, I found a new energy level in me. I feel active and my lazy days are long gone.

What is your take on Super foods?

Besides being tasty, they help you lose weight fast in the most healthier way.

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Your 3 Tips for weight loss

  1: Proper diet

  2: Sound Sleep

  3: Exercise

**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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