Amruta Mukhedkar – Lost 9Kg in 4 Months & Managed Thyroid

Amruta Mukhedkar Success Story

I had thyroid and it led to weight gain. I became 68 kgs. I did try to control it with walking and diet but my attempts were fruitless. So, my process was totally wrong which I didn’t realise before as there was no one to guide me. I used to walk and then eat fried or fatty foods. I did not how to start healthy habits.

I went to a friend of mine for advice and she told me about Possible. So, I took her advice and joined Possible with a positive attitude!

After joining Possible I started feeling good about myself because Possible helped me develop a healthy daily routine. Every day I drink 3 ltr of water, walk, meditate, and eat healthy. And I used to enjoy junk food quite often like pizza, or fried foods. This, I’ve completely stopped now. I have stopped consuming sugar also. And for me, it’s a huge achievement. Because now I know how important it is to eat healthy. It makes you beautiful not only from the outside but inside too! So, I am really happy to have made this positive change in my life.

Thanks to Possible, I’ve been able to adopt these healthy habits so easily and I’ve been able to lose 9kgs in 4 months my thyroid has also improved. I feel way more energetic than before. I sleep better and my skin has gotten better So, I am really happy with my progress but I still have a long way to go.

Possible has also helped me learn a lot of things through its nutriclub session. For instance, I never knew buttermilk is so beneficial. And many other things. The dieticians and coaches really know what they are doing. And from them, I’ve got to learn many things. And a bonus achievement, even my family has started to eat healthy.

Because of my transformation, people are complimenting me and it really feels great. Now everybody around me keeps motivating me. Thanks to Possible, my life has changed so much!

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