Dinesh Kushwaha – Lost 10 Kgs in 42 Days

Dinesh Kushwaha Success Story

The ACL of both my knees had been injured because of this I had to undergo surgery. After the surgery, I kept on gaining weight for the last 10 years and reached upto 98 kg.

I knew I needed to lose weight. I tried to do exercise and eat healthy on my own, but it was all fruitless. I even did yoga for 1 year but still did not see any results.

After Diwali 2022, I found out that I was diabetic. I was very worried about my health. That’s when I signed up for Possible’s 7 day weight loss program. Then started to receive calls from Possible for onboarding.

At the time, I wasn’t sure whether I was doing the right thing. I lent my trust to it and started the program. I wanted to lose weight properly and it takes a few months to achieve it. So, I went for their full program.

Initially, there was some issue with the delivery and lab test. But then I gradually fell into the flow. I followed everything. I used the products in the kit. I started eating healthy food like sprouts, and vegetable juice. I used to hate these foods. But now I’ve learnt how to enjoy them. Just add a few ingredients, and it will taste a whole lot better.

Now, I feel that vegetable juice is way better than any milkshake. It will quench your thirst as well as keep you healthy. I’m also taking probiotics and feel that it’s going to do good for my health.

I used to take a lot of stress before. Although I still have it, but now it is less than before. Everything helped me achieve my goal. Now, I have lost 10 kg in 42 days. I have also lost a few inches from my waist. All my clothes have gotten loose.

I observe my weight and other parameters regularly. And I am conscious of what I eat. My goal is to make myself lighter so that my knees won’t suffer. And I’m happy to say that I’m seeing great results from the Possible program. I’ve had two coaches so far, and both of them helped me in their ways.

3 tips that i would like to share:

  1. Weight loss is very easy with Possible. You don’t have to lift weights. Just some basic yoga and stretching will work like wonders.
  2. Eat what helps you with weight loss. Avoid everything that is loaded with calories.
  3. Mid-morning

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