Divya Iyer Lost 32.90 Kgs & Controlled her Sugar Levels with Possible

Divya Iyer after weight loss with Possible
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Divya, a 31-year-old, chemist by profession, was struggling with extreme knee pain and Varicose veins postpartum when she came to Possible.

Her HbA1C levels were high and were in the pre-diabetic range. Moreover, she was found to have severe vitamin D deficiency and her HDL levels were low.

It wasn’t just a weight problem that Divya was facing, all in all, the weight also made her develop all the other health issues and that too at such a young age.

After joiningPossible, Divya initially lost 21 Kgs in 5 months and then 11.90 kgs in 9 months, losing staggering 32.90 kgs in 14 months.

Divya’s take on how Possible has been different from other weight loss companies

“Unfortunately, I have struggled with weight loss all my life due to my Endomorph body type. Obesity and Diabetes run in my family, which added to my challenges genetically.

I have tried many other weight loss programs that include heat and vibration therapy, HCG injections, crash diets with calorie counting, massages etc.

None of them promised me a long-term visible result in weight loss,” said Divya.

“Possible has a very scientific approach towards overall well-being and it is not just about losing weight.

Changing my eating habits, in the beginning, was challenging but the results were immediate and highly encouraging.

Possible helped me understand my body and its true needs. Experimenting with superfoods and herbs helped me realize that I have been consuming unhealthy and nutrient deficient foods for decades.

Possible helped me diagnose the root cause of my obesity and provided a holistic approach to treat it,” she added.

The best thing she liked about Possible

According to Divya, the well-researched range of nutritious and tasty superfoods and a personal dietician who can tailor your diet plan according to your needs is the best thing about this entire program.

Divya Iyer Before After

Divya’s life after Possible

“My health and fitness levels have improved a lot after weight loss.

My knee pain has reduced and I can run again, I am more active, my HbA1C levels are back to normal and I feel more confident,” said Divya.

Divya’s take on Superfoods

As the name suggests, it is “super” food, which is very nutritionally dense. They are very healthy and possess the ability to fight diseases and several deficiencies.

Though I was eating healthy and exercising all my life, my diet was missing several essential nutrients that are missing in regular foods.

For example, superfoods are rich in antioxidants, phytochemicals, probiotics, omega-3 fatty acids and so on.

They help in boosting immunity, reduce bloating and joint pain, gives you more energy, healthier skin & hair, regulates BP and sugar levels, improves brain and nerve functions, reduce stress levels, help to fight hormonal disorders and has more satiety value that assists in weight loss.

Her 3 Tips for weight loss

    1. Detox after every cheat meal
    2. Binge on free foods when craving unhealthy things
    3. Running can take you a long way

If Divya can lose, you can too!

Weight loss is never easy and making your body lose weight naturally can be more challenging. The most important thing is to keep going on and have the patience.

After all, if Divya could lose 21 Kgs in just 5 months, why can’t you?

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