Niharika Lost a Whopping 22 Kgs and how!

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Niharika, a 22 years student, was suffering from overweight issues that lead her to have lack of stamina and Irregular periods.

After coming to Possible she got to know that she was having pcod for which she had started with a PCOD treatment for 1 month but then, she stopped it as she didn’t want to indulge with medicines.

Then she took up Possible’s program and continued with our diet, exercise and Superfoods. These helped her to lose weight and even regularize her periods.

She joined Possible in April 2015 and within 3 months along with her weight loss she could see improvement in her PCOD problem.

How has Possible been different from other weight loss companies you went/tried before?

“I have not tried but I heard after stopping the programme people will start gaining weight but in my case after completion of my programme I am still losing weight.

Initially with the program I lost 13 Kgs and after just by following the guidelines and with the tips which my dietician gave I could lose more 12 Kgs. This was a very amazing experience for me,” said Niharika.

Thing You Liked Most About Possible

The best thing about Possible is that they give you a personalized dietician who after thorough consideration of your likes and dislikes, plan a suitable diet plan for you.

Besides this, your dietician becomes your mentor and constant support. And of course, the superfoods aren’t just healthy but are super tasty as well.

The superfoods took a good care of my daily needs and controlled my cravings.

I have almost stopped eating food from outside. Also, these superfoods are not some meal replacers but they are just like our regular food. Possible has made me accept that healthy foods can also be tasty.

Life After Possible

Possible came to me as a blessing. It’s a true life changer. I cannot believe myself when I look into the mirror. It’s a new ME. My friends and relatives just cannot trust their eyes.

With the help ofPossible I got many benefits

  1. Lost good weight 25Kg
  2. My periods regularized.
  3. Reduced PCOD
  4. My vision has improved
  5. Tremendous inch loss … now I cannot wear my favourite old dress though. But I am glad I am able to fit into many new costumes and try different outfits.
  6. Great improvement in my energy levels, stamina levels, feeling light and my confidence has increased.
  7. I look more beautiful and cannot take my eyes off me from the mirror.

Niharika’s take on Super foods

They are excellent and won’t make you feel as if you are on a diet because the products are whole some and tasty.

Besides being completely organic, they are just like our regular foods but with a superpower in it.

Niharika’s 3 tips for weight loss

1: Commitment

2: Willpower

3: Be open to accepting changes.

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