Dr. Aakanksha Lost 10 Kgs Which Increased Her Stamina & Energy Levels

Dr. Aakanksha lost weight through Truweight

How Dr. Aakanksha lost weight! **

Being a doctor, she chose nutrition over weight loss shortcuts!

Dr. Aakanksha Singh, Dentist by profession, was not obese but was overweight by 10 kgs. Due to her somewhat inactive lifestyle she had gained weight especially visceral fat.

She had irregular food habits and as a result her metabolic rate was lower. She would feel tired and working long hours was becoming difficult for her. And worse, she was suffering from high levels of stress.

She decided to do something about it and being a doctor she knew that there are no pills and machines which can give her weight loss.

She was aware that it is food and exercise alone which can give healthy weight loss and she joined Possible weight loss program offered by Identity. She was impressed by how scientifically the program was designed.

What did she gain?

She lost 10 kgs and reached her ideal body weight (from 69.7 to 59.5 kgs). Her stamina and energy levels have also increased. And she can work longer hours without any difficulty. Moreover, her stress levels have gone down drastically.

Gradual changes did the trick!

Instead of going for radical changes, Possible went for gradual changes and provided constant motivation. She was given Super Food Kit, which she believed was a “blessing in disguise”.

Her cravings vanished

Dr. Aakanksha also had sweet cravings, which can happen because of nutritional deficiencies in the body.

Possible program added lot of nutrients in her diet, and as a result, her cravings vanished and that greatly helped in weight loss.

What she feels about Possible

“The Possible program, is a unique weight loss plan which not only promises one to reach their ideal weight but also maintain it, once achieved. Never had such a lovely experience with any other diet plan! Kudos Identity!”

Aakanksha’s Top 3 Tips for weight loss:

  • 1. Eat more to lose more.
  • 2. “Diets are boring and difficult” its a myth in Possible.
  • 3. Cheating is allowed in the program. So cheat!

Don’t follow my tips. Just JOIN Possible. You will see the change!!

**Disclaimer:  The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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