Sushmita Lost 10.5 Kgs In Just 3 Months Which Improved Her Lifestyle & Eating Habits

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Sushmita came to Possible when the pressure and stress of her nascent professional career had added several kilos to her weight. Added to that, Sushmita’s sister would constantly crack lame but good-natured jokes about her weight and Sushmita had had enough of it.

It was time to take control of her weight and the time for excuses had run out.

How did Possible help Sushmita lose weight? **

Sushmita’s diet was a sugar rush. She was overeating on certain kids of foods while healthy foods were limited.

The pressures of day to day life meant she often had to eat fast food because it was so convenient. Keeping her lifestyle in mind, Possible created an easy to implement meal plan which would work for her.

Possible balanced our her diet and gave her the licence to eat cheese, pizzas, ice creams and chocolates, something Sushmita never thought was possible while trying to lose weight.

We gave Sushmita a circuit training exercise regimen and this helped her bring down stress levels.

What she gained?

Sushmita lost over 10.5 kg and has dropped 2 dress sizes. Her weight loss also spurred her to improve her lifestyle and has given her a huge boost in confidence.

She has learned so much about healthy eating with Possible that she is determined to make small changes to her lifestyle until she becomes the fittest, most radiant version of herself.

She says,

“When I saw some weight falling off, it made me more confident and aware of what I needed to do.”I took a gap in between and i did not put on and I am still maintaining. Thanks Possible. I LOVE THE NEW ME… 😀

Sushmita’s top 3 weight loss tips

  • Don’t get stressed!
  • Be strict with your goals, and generous with your cheats.
  • Follow the Possible diet and all will be well.

**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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