Dr Archana Lost 8 Kg In Just 2.5 Months & Came Under Non-Diabetic Range

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Among the worst things that can happen to a doctor is illness and obesity. Being a doctor comes with the perceived burden of being in perfect health all the time, something humanly impossible.

Dr. Archana had spent years leading a life with minimal physical activity and this had now caught up with her. She had ended up with borderline diabetes and her HbA1C levels were 6.1.

She had tried several other diet programs like Atkins, GM diet and in her words “none of them worked as they were very complicated and boring”.

She was also in the habit of skipping breakfast and had never eaten millets like ragi and other high fiber foods which were beneficial to control blood sugars.

How Dr. Archana lost weight with Possible? **

Possible put her on a meal plan customized to help her control her diabetes. We introduced foods that stabilized blood sugar like methi, and added fat burning super foods like wheat grass and trifala.

We corrected her eating habits and included lots of food grains that can help control sugar levels.

Over time, we helped her build the habit of having breakfast, and broke her eating schedule into 5-6 small meals everyday.

In this way, Possible helped Dr. Archana control her sugar levels and avoid insulin spikes.

What she gained?

Within 75 days, Dr. Archana had lost 8 Kgs, something that she had not achieved with any diet plan.

Possible helped her HbA1C levels came under non diabetic range i.e. 5.6. She also saw her energy levels go up dramatically! She says,

“Possible is a revolutionary program which provided a 360 degree transformation to my life. The program has actually transformed me physically as well as mentally towards leading a healthy life.

I am very happy and I consider myself lucky to join Possible as I have been protected from taking diabetic medications all my life.”

Dr. Archana’s Top 3 Tips for weight loss:

1. Food got you fat and only food can get you thin.
2. Don’t be too strict on yourself but plan for cheat days.
3. Losing weight is not fun, but then, neither is gaining.

**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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