Kiran Kumar Lost 20 kgs in 4 Months and Feels Fit and Stronger

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I Feel Overjoyed for My New Weight!

I am 44 years old IT Professional. I was frequently falling sick and prolonged health issues like acidity, back and knee aches were always a concern for me.

 I was 96.5 Kgs, certainly overweight, which leads to other problems. I tried every possible weight loss program that was available in the market but the results disheartened me each time.

I was extremely skeptical to join Possible as well but, it was my last hope on losing weight and living a healthy life that motivated me for the last time.

After joining Possible I lost 16 Kgs in 100 days and 20 kgs in 4 months!

It is unbelievable but I am happy and overjoyed for my new weight now.

Personal Consultation has been a bonus in this program!

Superfoods and personal consultation with dietitians helped me lose weight. One need not have to starve in order to lose weight as we can have more of super foods like super juice, wow drink, super green, super fibre, amla drink  but still loose weight.

I lost 20 Kgs** in 4 months which is amazing and I thank my dietician Sutapa Aich for all her effort in customizing the diet plan according to my needs.

Possible dieticians keep track of our food intake and suggests accordingly for effective weight loss.

Get FREE Health Consultation Today!

3 Suggestion for other Aspirants

  • Follow the diet plan as suggested by the dietician with all your heart and will.
  • Exercise for at least 30 mins every day to be fit and strong.
  • Include Superfoods to burn body fat.

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