Lost 18Kg & Managed Fatty Liver: Success Story of Pramod Dinkar

Success Story Pramod Dinkar

Meet 39 year old Pramod Dinkar. He transformed his health and life completely with a little help from Possible. Let’s read what he has to say about his health journey with Possible.

What health issues you were facing before joining Possible?

I weighed around 102 kg. Besides being overweight, I was facing a lot of health issues. I had nerve issues that led to numbness in my legs whenever I sat for long stretches of time. I was also having problems with my neck. I felt lethargic all the time. I felt like my body was becoming useless.

Did you try any other weight loss programs before Possible?

I tried other programs before joining Possible but unfortunately, none of them showed any results.

Why did you join Possible?

Even though my previous attempts to fix my health failed, I wanted to try one more time. So, I joined Possible.
I really liked that Possible doesn’t focus on exercise for weight loss. In fact, they focus on food. They only tell you to exercise to maintain your fitness. Their superfoods are also really good. They are of great quality and help you improve your health. Possible taught me that not just meals, but your meal timings are also very important for maintaining good health.

Have you seen any good results after taking the Possible program?

Yes, in fact, I’ve seen many good results.
Thanks to Possible, I have lost 18kg in 6 months. My waistline has reduced from 42 to 36 inches. I feel more youthful and energetic than before. All my lab parameters have improved a lot. Among other things, my fatty liver issue has also improved.

In a few words, tell us about your journey with Possible?

As you can already guess, my journey with Possible has been amazing. I have been benefitted from it in many ways. But this is not the end of it. I still hope to lose 6-7 kgs more. That’s my next goal.

Is Possible worth the investment?

Since I have spent money & tried other options, I can testify that Possible is 100% worth the money!

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