Asha Kumar lost 18 kgs and controlled Thyroid with Possible!

Asha Prem Kumar Weight Loss Journey
Asha Prem Kumar Weight Loss Journey

Asha Kumar is a 53 years old woman who weighed 100 kgs along with battling Menopause, Hypothyroid and borderline Diabetes. With Possible, she lost 18 Kgs and also improved her Thyroid issues.

Asha’s experience with Weight Loss Diets before Possible

Asha wanted to improve her health conditions and hence, control her weight.

She started joining gyms, being on meal replacement for 3 months at a time and indulging in crash diets.  

Every time the weight loss would be drastic and quick but the major problem was that she found her weight bouncing back almost instantaneously.  

So basically, no matter how early she lost weight, it always came back.

 Asha’s journey with Possible

“My journey with Possible started when I saw their ad in a newspaper and what caught my attention was the statement that there was no diet, only superfoods.

I had tried a number of weight-loss programs, wherein I had lost and gained weight in due course of time. So I wanted to be doubly sure before enrolling in Possible.

I checked Possible’s website, had a discussion with their sales personnel and then after a lot of deliberation decided to enroll for the program.”, said Asha.

Asha’s life after joining Possible

Asha was extremely happy with Possible’s food product and services.  

According to her, “Possible regularizes one’s eating habits which not only aids in weight loss but also helps in detoxifying the body”.  

Improvements in her health with the program are

  1. Over the course of 8 months, she lost 18 kgs
  2. TSH level reduced from 4.23 to 1.82
  3. Blood sugar level also reduced
  4. Energy and confidence level improved
  5. Asha’s take on her Dietician

After the program, Asha was all praises for her dietician. She thanked the constant advice that her personal dietician provided along with customization of the diet according to her taste buds.

Her dietician also customized diet charts based on her health requirements.

Also, as part of the program, she was given the Super Food Kit, which consisted of about 22 healthy Foods per month.

Smart carbs were added to her diet, fiber and protein intake were increased, more whole grains, millets, and pulses were added.

And a sweet surprise for us was when her daughter also joined the Possible program, being inspired by her mom.

Asha’s 3 Tips for weight loss

  1. Have confidence in the program
  2. Have patience
  3. Follow the dietician

Asha didn’t just lose weight but made a difference too

Possible has a unique and noble way of motivating its members to eat healthily.  

When the members eat healthily and save Health$ (Possible’s own food currency), Possible sponsors lunch for a poor child so that she can continue her education.  

Asha was diligent in following the diet plan and she enabled Possible to sponsor meals for 4 kids for one month each!

If you also want to lose weight and gain health, then try Possible. Free Weight Loss Consultations are available. Click here to avail it.

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Possible doesn’t claim to cure any disease, and results may vary between individuals.

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