Vijay lost 10 kg & found an active lifestyle with Possible

Vijay is a 32-year-old Software Engineer who wanted a natural way to keep himself healthy for the long run in life.

He could see that he was facing low energy levels, especially whenever he used to play with his daughter Akshara.

This made him worry about his health situation and he thought of taking a step towards finding a healthy livelihood.

He found the Possible ad on paper. So he did some inquiries and then after knowing about the weight loss process here, he finally decided to join for the 2 months program.

Q1. How has Possible been different from other weight loss companies you have been to?

 I got to know they are using the Ayurvedic and natural way to achieve the weight loss and health improvements.

They did health checkup and asked my need then they developed a customized plan as per my body conditions. This was a very good and different approach to weight loss.

Q2) What was the best thing you liked about Possible?

A dietician was assigned to regular monitoring and give tips, answer and advice for all my good, bad, silly questions. This was the best thing for me.

My Dietician Qamar was also much committed and very knowledgeable. She was giving online support from Hyderabad.

I was discussing the food ingredients/flavor available in Bangalore (for Eg: Nandini Milk which is famous in Bangalore). She used to do her research and gather the information and update me on the list of right foods.

The next best thing is the APP. This helps me to track all the things at one place. It gets updated with a lot of user-friendly features time to time.

Also, regular feedback was taken from company back-end team and they were enthusiastic and really interactive to listen more and solve the issues.

Q3) How do you feel after losing all that weight? Has your health, confidence increased?

I really got my confidence back. I got a lot of compliments for my weight loss as well.

In fact, I started opening my dusted old bags to get my old clothes to replace with the new ones. I have started spending more time in front of mirror these days.

Q4) Did your fitness levels improve after you lost weight?

Absolutely, I got what I needed. Now I can play with my daughter without being tired,

Q5) What is your take on Superfoods

I loved them. And although they are healthy foods, they are quite tasty too.

Q6) Your 3 Tips for weight loss

  • Dedication
  • Commitment
  • Listen and be honest with the dietician as they plan your food based on the inputs shared by us.

Q7) How was your entire journey with Possible?

I learned a new and healthy way of eating and living that will be with me for my lifetime.  The initial days I was very much confused and .frustrated.

I was unhappy with the change of habits. But slowly I gained the confidence and started enjoying the healthy superfoods which keep my tummy full, throughout the day.

If Vijay can lose, you can too!

My dietician discussed regularly our diet schedule and she kept in mind to make the diet plans comfortable for me and my work life.

If I didn’t like any food, she very dedicatedly replaced it with an alternative without compromising the nutrient quotient. And this definitely made me happy.

“The cheat meal concept keep satisfying my taste buds regularly. This is the key to making this journey motivated and happy. As the psychological feeling was kept under control.” said Vijay.

**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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