The Story of Ranjan Sahoo’s Battle Against Diabetes & High Cholesterol

Ranjan Sahoo is a 46-year-old Delhi based businessman. Along with the issue of high BMI, he was also suffering from medical ailments like diabetes, high cholesterol, and uric acid.

Ranjan Sahoo Before and after
Ranjan Sahoo Before and after

With Possible program, he lost 11 kgs in 5 months, along with normal values of blood sugar, cholesterol, and uric acid level.

He is now, on no medication, more energetic and happier. Here is his inspiring story.

Before joining Possible

Before this platform, he was suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol, and uric acid level.

Also, he was concerned about his irregular eating pattern and unhealthy eating habits.

Journey with Possible

For him, this journey has been truly motivating. The best thing he liked about Possible was the dedicated and punctual coach, who has been providing timely diet plans and motivating throughout.

Another best feature was the app itself where one can count and differentiate between good and bad calories.

And in fact, the superfoods, which are nutritious, tasty and super healthy, with granola bar topping the list of his favorite superfoods.

Significant Results

He just not lost 11 kgs in 5 months but also, is now more energetic and happy, bagging loads of compliments every day.

Moreover, He, now have normal blood sugar, blood cholesterol, and uric acid levels as well.

He is totally off- medication with a valuable insight into healthy eating habits and ways to sustain the same.

3 Tips for weight loss

  • Stay focused
  • Drink 3-4 liters of water daily
  • Be honest with food logging and diet plan

Possible helped me a lot to achieve my dream weight and I recommend it to everyone who is willing to lose those extra weights”

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