Weight loss journey of Nikhil who lost 24kgs just by eating right

Nikhil Miranda, a 28-year-old professional from Mumbai was struggling with weight issues. Though he did not have any health problems as such, his physical appearance was marring his confidence and self-esteem.

To overcome his weight issue, Nikhil joined Possible. In 16 months, he lost 24kgs. After losing the weight, not only has his physical appearance seen a change, his self-image and confidence improved too.

Nikhil’s Possible experience

Nikhil knew food plays a very important role when it comes to fitness and health. This knowledge paved the way for his weight loss journey.

Nikhil Miranda before after image

Nikhil said, “I believe right food choices are important for weight loss and Possible helped me with this. With Possible’s guidance, I was able to control my food habits and improve my nutrition as well”.

The best thing about Possible

To Nikhil, it is Possible’s Superfoods hands down! Talking about what he liked best about Possible, Nikhil said, “Superfoods are the best. They are delicious and also, there is a variety in it. I loved the snack options too. Apart from this, the constant guidance I received from the nutritionists is also something I really liked”.

Life after weight loss

After losing all the weight, things seem to be much better for Nikhil Miranda. Talking about his weight loss journey, Nikhil added, “I feel better and I can see a drastic improvement in my appearance. The biggest bonus is now I can do endurance activities like boxing and motorcycle touring much better than before”.

Nikhil’s three tips to weight loss

  • Believe in yourself
  • Be consistent in what you do
  • Be committed to achieving your goals
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