Weight loss Success Story of a Police Personnel with Possible

Health is an important factor for life. One realizes it at different points in their lifetime and that holds well with our client today, Mr. Rakesh Yadav who has been serving with Delhi Police for 20 years now.

Rakesh weighed 65kg when he initially joined the police service and then after 20 years of service, he weighed nearly 102 kg.

Although late, it’s never too late. Rakesh set his mind to bring down his weight and start his journey towards healthy living with Possible. We bring to you some of his experience with Possible and his journey towards losing weight.

About his journey and experience

With several achievements comes the hardest work put towards it. One of the best things about Possible for Rakesh are the coaches assigned to him. The discipline and perseverance with which they dedicate to each one of the clients is commendable.

Rakesh says that the coaches are available at just one ring to clear off the doubts and questions as and when they appear. Their response is always quick and instant.

Rakesh has also learnt and understood the importance of consuming a variety of foods to lose weight. He is fond of all the Possible superfoods and finds it easier to include in his meals.

He has managed to lose nearly 22kgs in just 6-7 months of duration. He owes the entire credits to the support from the Possible team and also his professional values. As his police profession has imparted the disciplinary values in him, he maintained the same throughout the program as well.

Rakesh is dedicated towards the program and pledges to continue on until he reaches his standard weight of 75kg. Not just him, he has also inspired his colleagues and friends and shares necessary information with them too.

Sharing about the problems that arose from his profession, Rakesh says that most of us come across policemen being obese or overweight. This is not because they eat a lot, or they are lazy; it is majorly because they invest their maximum time in the duty of serving others and there is hardly anyone who looks after them.

Healthy living is universal. Not just the police personnel’s, everybody has to work on their health. This is really important to live a happy life. Says Rakesh.

Life after joining the Possible program,

Before the program, Rakesh hardly had a timely routine for his meals. But today, he has a fixed routine for his everyday meals. He does not intend to skip his meals ever. He has also started to have his meals slowly and steadily without rushing into it.

He has understood the importance of mid-meals and how it helps to keep your mind and body active throughout the day. Concentrates completely on the food during his meals without letting other thoughts disturb him in between.

Punctuality has played an important role in Rakesh’s weight loss journey. He has realized the importance of punctuality in terms of keeping up with his health and eating habits. He is also inspired by all the motivational videos and never misses to watch them.

Some advices to the viewers,

As an advice to our weight loss enthusiasts and future audiences, Rakesh has a few words to say. One who is obese or overweight today has to really work on his health. Life is really beautiful and if you really want to enjoy it, then you need to stay healthy.

If you want to lose weight, punctuality is very important and so is consuming a variety of nutritional foods just like Possible Superfoods.

Before you start off with your journey of weight loss make sure to understand and get the right knowledge of what you need to do. A professional trainer or a nutritionist becomes very important here. They will help you clear your doubts and also motivate you.

The Possible program will give you all of that.

From the Possible Team,

Being in a profession that involves not just the risk for life but also takes away every second of one’s time, we are thankful to Mr. Rakesh Yadav for sharing his experience and journey with Possible. It is your dedication and hard work that has brought you where you are.

It brings us joy and pride to look at people grow better with healthy living and also understand its importance. Well! If a busiest person could do this, why not you?

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