Lost 11kgs in 4 Months. Success Story of Ravi with Possible

Success Story of Ravi

Today, all of us are busy with our work, so much so that we can sacrifice anything but work. ‘Time is money’ is what we believe in. 

Our client, Mr. Ravi Kiran was also one among us who believed so. But not anymore!

Ravi works in a private sector at Hyderabad. Before joining Possible program, his life was hectic with work and hardly had time to invest in his health. Today, he thanks Possible for showing him the right way to live healthy.

He appreciates the Possible approach towards weight loss and healthy living. He is grateful to his coach and mentors who assisted him throughout his journey with Possible. He is consistent with healthy eating and also regular exercises even today.

Lifestyle changes after joining Possible

Ravi explains how stressful his life was before joining Possible. He had no clue over what he was eating. His daily meal times changed everyday.

While he was a sportsperson in his initial days of work, with time in job, he was completely drifted away from any physical activity.

Ravi hadn’t even imagined that just by eating healthy he could lose weight. He always thought that weight loss requires a lot of hard work, especially going to gym and slogging for hours on machines.

He is surprised by our approach on healthy eating for weight loss and believes that it is the best approach for healthy living and losing weight.

Achievements with Possible

Initially, Ravi had no faith in our program, as he had come about many such programs which never nailed him a good result on losing weight. But when he saw the difference that the Possible program made on him, there was no stopping.

Today, Ravi has managed to lose 11 kgs in just 4 months. He has also lost nearly 6-8 inches around his waist. His uneven food timing and unawareness of what type of food he eats; everything has changed.

Ravi feels young today. He is also fond of Possible superfoods. TruGreen and TruDrink are his favourites. In fact, even today, he relishes these drinks in the morning and also in the evening.

He says that Possible’s approach and process towards weight loss can be seen in his result. He could feel the difference in him and also the weight loss has made him healthier and happier.

How to manage time for health?

Time is money they said; but after joining Possible, I say, time is health. Says Ravi.

Ravi prioritized his health at the topmost. He planned his days as per his diet. Although, he was initially sceptical about the program because of his hectic work; he came through the process slowly and steadily. He made it a practice. A practice that became a habit later.

Advice or suggestions for viewers?

First and foremost, believe in yourself. Without faith in yourself you cannot do anything. Ravi mentions that stress is the biggest threat to life. Doing anything with stress will never help you. In fact, it will worsen your life.

Prioritize your health and plan accordingly. Make it a habit. Try to include your family, so you do not feel out of the group. Says Ravi.

Today, Possible has given me a new life. My family appreciates the new change in me. I believe that good health can give you everything.

From Possible team

When a client says that Possible has changed their lives, it becomes hard for us to even say thank you. Because words can never be enough to express everything. We are glad, Ravi has won his life back.

Our vision is to bring out the same changes in millions out there, who still think that healthy living is hard work. Are you that person?

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