Weight Loss Story of Sharan With Possible

Weight Loss Story of Sharan

“The first thing to do to lose weight is to accept it.” Says Sharan, who is with Possible for 3 months now. Sharan is currently working in TCS, Hyderabad and has been trying to lose weight since years.

He is a foodie and initially was sceptical about the weight loss programs. But after joiningPossible, he has loved our approaches towards weight loss and healthy living.

One of the major things that Sharan has loved about Possible program is that the program focuses on the nutrient counts of the food and not the calories of the food.

Being a curious person for the logic behind everything and anything, he also appreciates our efforts towards explaining our clients on the importance of healthy eating and that about our approaches towards losing weight.

Sharan is inspired by the motivational videos by Possible and is also pleased by the regular follow ups from our team. We have to agree and appreciate that his health scores have been applaudable so far.

Talking about his achievements so far, Sharan has expressed his increased desire towards healthy eating. The program has helped him explore new foods and also, he is able to replace his favourite foods with healthier options. He enjoysPossible superfoods and finds his favourites in all.

The program has also brought in many changes in Sharan. While the only type of juice that he had heard of was fruit juice, he has found his favourites in vegetable juices today. He in fact feels that vegetable juices are tastier than fruit juice.

With regard to his lifestyle changes, Sharan has pumped up his water intake from 1-2 litres a day to 6 litres a day. Again, with time and efforts.

Sharan has also started to meditate and has found the effect of it in his mental health. He has also overcome knee pains that occurred whenever he climbed the stairs.

Today, with the right quantity and quality of food and also the regular workouts, he does not find the need for a coffee. While he was a coffee addict before, now he finds the same solace in green tea. He does not experience tiredness or fatigue anymore.

For the future healthy living and weight loss enthusiasts out there, Sharan has some experiences and suggestions to share.

“If you want to lose weight, firstly, stop stressing out about your weight. It is important you accept your weight and try to do your best in losing it.”

Your body craves for a lot of things. It might crave for a lot of water, nutrient rich foods, vegetables and many more. Understand your body and give all that it wants. That is the best solution/approach towards weight loss.

Do not take heed about the calories in your food, instead focus on how much nutrient it contains. And always stay positive.

 We are surprised with the changes that Sharan has brought in him. But it is true that healthy eating and healthy living, can bring a positive change in a person. As much as we are proud of all our clients doing great for their health, we want you to experience the same too.

Are you ready to see that new person in you?

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