Asha And Prakash Have Lost 14 kg With Possible Program

Asha Mehta and Dr Prakash Mehta

Earlier, we believed that weight gain, certain diseases, hair fall to be either from the family history or that all of this is normal when we grow old. Little did we know that these health crises could be because of our carelessness towards our body and health.

Yes! As dangerous as Diabetes is, it is majorly because of the unhealthy lifestyle that one gets succumbed to. So is weight gain, obesity, bloating. Not just these, unhealthy lifestyles can lead to chronic diseases related to heart and brain as well.

Our client couple Asha and Prakash Mehta were not that kind of believers anyway. They knew they had to do their best. They tried multiple programs before joining Possible. None were fruitful to them.

Before joining Possible they were sceptical about the program. They doubted if this program is going to be similar like the other programs in the market; they doubted if we would make them starve.

Well today, they are in disbelief. Asha and Prakash, both have managed to lose 14 kg each so far.

Prakash is still in surprise. He feared if he gained all the lost weight back again. But they did not. “That is the magic of Possible.” says Prakash.

We here at Possible do not ask our clients to leave the food or to eat as less as possible. Our approach towards weight loss is healthy living; healthy eating. They never felt that their stomach is deprived of food or often feeling hungry; in fact they feel fuller always now.

Prakash and Asha, often attend functions and weddings; visiting parties and events are common for them. But now they do make a choice; a choice to eat healthy and eat the right quantity.

The couple were grateful to the entire team for the efforts towards their journey at Possible. They also love the motivational videos and are still indulged in watching them.

Asha is surprised by how the Possible plate is such an effective idea.

The current lockdown hasn’t changed their habit. Their healthy eating habits have become a routine now. The couple are never losing this habit they say. They are glad of how the Possible team is changing people’s attitude over health.

Asha has also pledged her coach that she will never let her weight come back. Also, that she has decided to take care of herself and her health.

Certain health improvements that Asha has experienced after the program are commendable. Her sugar level is completely normal today. Not just her, we are surprised too. Her problems with breathlessness are also cleared off.

She is also getting better with her arthritis problems. When asked about her cravings, Asha says that she doesn’t really feel any cravings today and believes that consuming nutrient dense food has got to do with it.

We are glad that Asha and Prakash feel right about our approach towards weight loss and healthy living. They in fact have referred us to all of their friends and families.

It is an honour for us to serve them for their acknowledging attitude, who not only are consistent with their efforts but are also eager to inspire others.

Now, what are you waiting for? Do you not want to share your next success story here?

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