Nisha’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey With Possible

Nisha's weight loss journey

I wanted to lose weight, hence I tried everything around;  went to gym; I did intermediate fasting; I tried many crash diets; We have heard all these and many more.

But for the first time we heard someone say “I was worried before joining any program! Because I had never spent anything for myself. This is the first time I am doing something for myself”

This statement not just inspires us but also helps us understand that there is no time limit to do anything new. This here is Nisha Chopra, an editor at Hindustan Times and also a homemaker.

 Although Nisha did try to get hold of her weight staying home by eating less, the universe worked in reverse for her. She ended up gaining more.

When she signed up for the Possible program, after the initial consultation of the team, she became confident and hopeful. Today, she could sense the change in her.

She comes from a family where eating a lot and eating mostly fried is common. But today, she has managed to work on her diet. Her eating habits have completely changed.

Although she is still in her quest to change her family’s food habits, she has built in the habit of eating healthy on her plate at least.

Initially it was difficult for her to cook for herself and her family, separate meals. But with the help of Possible’s recipe videos, she could nail them all. She finds it easy to eat healthy today.

One thing that the program has made Nisha addictive is including salads in all her meals. Well! Let’s just say, it is the best addiction!

There are some of the healthy changes that Nisha has experienced so far. Her immune system is stronger today, she hardly falls sick while it was common for her to fall sick before the program.

Nisha was suffering from acute hair fall before the program and now, it has completely stopped. Probably thanks to the Nutritious food included in the Possible Diet Plan. Her gastrointestinal problem is also relieved today.

Not just diet, but Nisha also manages to walk around her place for at least 30 mins per day.

Nisha also appreciates the quality of Possible’s superfoods. She feels that they are unique from the superfoods found in the market. Also, she loves the Possible’s superfoods liquid products.

She is grateful toPossible for helping her reinvent healthy eating which was lost with time. She feels that eating healthy has become like a history to people today.

Nisha said it right! Healthy eating has indeed become a history to most today. With all the colorful junk foods that attract us, healthy and nutritious foods have occupied the back seats.

Let us not make another pandemic virus hit us as hard as we have gotten hit today! Let us strive to live healthy!

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