Rajeev and Neeta Share Their Weight Loss Journey With Possible

Weight Loss Journey of Rajeev and Neeta

With years, our program has changed many lives and their approaches towards healthy living. It has helped build a strong motive for health and how important it is in one’s life.

Our client couple Rajeev Shastri and Neeta Shastri are growing up to be one of the best examples who has inculcated healthy habits from the program. They have built such strong determination towards the Possible program that even the current lockdown period has not affected their health routine.

Rajeev and Neeta started our program together, starting from February 2020.

Rajeev, a professor at Delhi University, has managed to lose 12kg so far and is overwhelmed by the appreciation from his colleagues and friends over his transformation. He has inspired his friends who are willing to join Possible today.

Rajeev had diabetes and also his cholesterol level was slightly high; Both these parameters are normal today. He is glad that all of his health reports are normal and healthy.

Rajeev is also a yoga enthusiast and never misses out on it even for a day.

Neeta is a teacher by profession and had always wanted to be fit. When she read about Possible she wondered if weight loss is really possible with diets that included so many varieties of foods.

That was indeed true; Neeta was pre-diabetic before joining Possible. Her reports have come down to normal now. Her blood pressure is also normalizing with days. She believes that she could sense the change within 10 days into the program.

She feels overjoyed about the fact that she can finally sit down and also climb stairs easily. Now she can walk more than she could before. All of this is because of the proper food intakes that they have achieved today.

Neeta expresses her loss of hope towards her weight loss before she started with the program. She is grateful for the Possible program; it has definitely brought her the very confidence that she always deserved.

Not just Rajeev and Neeta, the program has helped their entire family in terms of healthy eating. “When healthy food is prepared at home why wouldn’t anyone want to have them?” says Neeta.

The pandemic lockdown today, has alerted them about the hygiene as well as the body immunity. They are happy that the Possible program has helped them strengthen their immune system.

As a message to the viewers they express their wishes for everyone to join Possible. Also, the fact that Possible not only helps improve your health and weight loss; but also helps emerge as a whole new person.

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