Nisha’s thought on Possible’s program and her success story.

Nisha's weight loss story

We at Possible promote ‘healthy eating’ and ‘enough eating’ for weight loss and also for a healthy living. We find it hard to see when diets are considered to be eating less or starving or just limited to liquid food.

Our approach has been well appreciated and fruitful for thousands of our clients today and we are happy to say that Nisha Binjola is one of them.

Nisha is a HR by profession and also a mother. After her pregnancy, Nisha had put on a lot of extra weight. This led her to take up diets or workouts to bring her back to her normal weight.

Before joining Possible she had tried multiple diets, she used to spend 4-5 hours working out at gym. But none really worked out for her. In Fact she started gaining more weight. She had her realization when she fainted one day.

That day she realized how much her body needs nutrition and healthy foods. Although sceptical about the program, Nisha joined Possible in the month of February 2020. But now she is happy about her decision.

Till now she has managed to lose from 74 kg to 67 kg today.

One thing Nisha was initially surprised was the fact that at Possible she never heard anyone talk about eating less or diet or too much workout. She is glad to have joined Possible. She is happy today that she does not have to starve.

Possible has helped her understand what is right for her body. The right kind of food that is required by her body. Also, the fact that how much is nutrient important to maintain good health and immunity.

Today at every meal she considers a Possible plate that includes 50% veggies, 25% proteins, 25% carbohydrates. Not just her, she practices it for her entire family.

Nisha has also expressed that she no more has a craving for junk food. She has understood that the body craves for certain things if it is deprived of particular nutrients. Upon serving the required nutrients into your body, cravings have no road into your mind.

“I serve my family a veg salad on the sides with other food. And they totally understand why, all because of Possible” says Nisha on the importance of raw veggies in the meals.

Nisha loves our superfoods and finds it hard to say which is her favourite. Of course, all of them are really tasty!

During the current lockdown, Nisha is managing to get all the healthy foods into her plate. The lockdown in fact has not really affected her as she has been saved with 4hrs of travel everyday. She is utilizing the time working on her mental health and spending time with her family.

As a tip to our viewers, Nisha conveys that it is important for one to take the program seriously. Cheating in between or ignoring anything is only going to hurt yourself.

Well! We are really proud of Nisha for her dedication and determination towards her journey so far. We are also enlightened by her take on mental health. As a health management organization, not only concentrate on physical health but also care for mental health!

Let us make a deal to get healthier this year! Because we all know it is important today!

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