The Success Story Of Mananjay Who Overcame Diabetes With Possible

Our program at Possible has brought king-sized happiness to all our clients. All of them have achieved their purpose here and haven’t left from here without the extra weight age that added to their achievements in terms of healthy life.

One such client we have here is Mananjay. An IT professional, living in Bengaluru suffered from obesity, type II diabetes and severe back pain. He had tried it all; Gymnastics, running, intermittent fasting and multiple diets.

All of these brought pain and problems into Mananjay’s life but never the expected results. After he joined our Possible program in the month of February 2020, everything changed inside him.

He has managed to lose 8.6kg in just two and half months which was merely a dream for him. A dream that he thought was exceedingly difficult and time consuming.

Not just weight loss, his type II diabetes has come down to normal today. His back pain has disappeared with time. He feels positive about everything and this has helped him in his profession as well.

Everything didn’t happen overnight for Mananjay. His optimistic nature was well prepared for the hardest of things. But atPossible, we don’t believe in providing the hardest but the healthiest.

Mananjay is extremely happy and surprised at the same, at the unique and systematic approach of Possible towards weight loss. As Mananjay is a foodie, he was worried about going empty stomach for weight loss purposes.

AtPossible, we follow the true fact of ‘Eat more to lose more’. Mananjay, today eats more than what he ate before yet has been successful in losing weight.

Since, currently, COVID-19 lockdown has come about, Mananjay has surely faced troubles finding better foods but has managed to stay consistent with the guidance of his coach. He also manages to do yoga and basic workouts at home.

3 lifestyle changes that Mananjay has done through the program is dividing the meals into mini meals so he is full throughout and doesn’t feel empty stomach; He drinks more water now keeping his body hydrated throughout the day; He prepares his mind to stay positive with the help of Possible’s motivational videos.

Today, Mananjay has managed to bring down on all his health parameters including diabetes and back pain. He feels more positive and energetic. Not just Mananjay, the program has brought healthy lifestyle changes into his family as well.

Aiming to lose at least 25 kg throughout the program, Mananjay expresses his inspiration to be his daughter who wants her father to be healthy and fitter like he was before.

As a message to the viewers, Mananjay requests all of you to stay positive, practice healthy living and develop better habits.

We not only hope but are guaranteed that Mananjay fulfils his wishes to get fitter and better like his daughter wants him to be. Not just Mananjay, we want you to be happy and healthy as well. Why not join us today? We help you and motivate you!

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