What Should You When You Have Low Weight But High Cholesterol Levels

Management of high cholesterol with low weight

Medically reviewed by Shanmukha PriyaM.Phil and Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition

People who have low weight tend to believe that they do not have cholesterol problems. This is from the pre-conceived notion that obese and overweight people have high cholesterol.

Although it is true that fat and overweight people have a more likelihood of having high cholesterol, there are multiples cases where people have high cholesterol with low weight.  

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Often people think that when they are skinny but have high cholesterol, it is difficult to bring it down.

This is because one of the most beneficial ways to lose extra cholesterol is to lose weight.

Though true, to control high cholesterol with low weight, one only need to be aware of what to do and what small changes they must make to reach their goals.


Controlling your cholesterol is as simple as replacing food items in your diet with others. Switching certain food items that promote cholesterol amounts for items that help reduce cholesterol in the body greatly helps in maintaining a balance. 

Having proper exercise is important for cholesterol control. Along with that, a proper diet consisting of food that helps lower cholesterol quickly and prevents its rise is also a great way to be healthy.


Many food items can help you regulate and lower your cholesterol.

Even in an Indian diet, where almost all the dishes have some sort of oil or saturated fats in them, you can swap simple food items and incorporate them into your daily food diets to help with lowering your cholesterol.


These are a very simple and healthy alternative to decrease cholesterol in the body. Normal and the most standardized Indian breakfast would be toasted bread with butter and milk with a side of eggs.

All these items cause cholesterol levels to rise in the body. Butter, oil to fry the eggs, carbohydrates from the bread all case high cholesterol.

Replacing this with a bowl of oats with skimmed milk greatly benefits you in controlling your cholesterol. Oats provide a rich source of fibre which helps in the lowering of cholesterol.


Eggplants and okra are rich in soluble fibres which help to reduce cholesterol quickly.

Both these vegetables are easily incorporated in many dishes and also easy to prepare at the same time.


Pectin-rich fruits like apples, grapes, strawberries and other citrus fruits are a great alternative for lowering cholesterol.

Citrus fruits
Citrus fruits

Pectin is a fibre that is soluble in nature and helps to lower LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) which are the bad cholesterol in the human body.

Apart from lowering cholesterol quickly, fruits provide other vitamins and minerals which are needed by the body for proper functioning and remaining healthy.


Using vegetable oils like canola oil and sunflower oils instead of lard and butter to prepare food is a great way to cut down on extra cholesterol and also lower cholesterol fast.

5. FISH:

Eating fish two to three times a day has shown signs of the rapid dropping of cholesterol levels in the body. By replacing meat with fish, the body gets a boost of omega-3 which helps improve blood circulation and burning of LDL and cholesterol accumulation.

Also since you are not having any extra intake of cholesterol by eating fish, you can lower your cholesterol level even more quickly. By incorporating some or all of these cholesterol-lowering food items in your palate, you can control your cholesterol in an Indian diet and also lower it rapidly.


If you are apprehensive and reluctant to go the doctor or medical advisor to consult about your cholesterol, then you can adopt natural ways in which you can help you manage your cholesterol. By adopting these home remedies, you can avoid the intake of medication for cholesterol control.


Person exercising
Person exercising

Getting adequate exercise and physical activities can help you lower your cholesterol. By going about simple household chores and work and having a daily exercise routine can greatly benefit you in managing and controlling your cholesterol.


Consuming large amounts of alcohol can be injurious to your health in many ways. By limiting your intake of spirits and alcohol, you can prevent the increase of cholesterol amount in your body. Too much alcohol can cause your system to malfunction leaving you unable to burn off the stored cholesterol.


It is injurious to health in all walks of life and the same can be said when it comes to the case of cholesterol. Smoking causes you to incorporate cholesterol into your blood stream through your lungs directly.


Apart from doing exercise, a suitable diet that mutually benefits you should be implemented. Eating simple foods that quickly reduce your cholesterol while avoiding those which increases it is advisable.

Having a properly balanced diet with a suitable training exercise is crucial for rapidly lower your cholesterol levels without the aid of medication.

Following a strict regime and maintaining it is what is necessary for cholesterol control. If you manage to be rigorous and do not cut corners then within a matter of weeks, you will be able to see a significant drop in your cholesterol levels. From then onwards, it is simply a matter of maintaining the proper cholesterol level in your body.

Finding the right balance of food and exercise along with small habit and lifestyle changes is what can bring about the lowering of cholesterol naturally.

Even if you are reluctant to take medication, it is always advisable to consult with a family doctor, health advisor of paediatrician about your condition before making any sudden changes in your daily routine.

Professional advice is always valuable as they will be able to accurately predict and inform you of the proper methods and the effect these changes will have on you and your body. 

By keeping your cholesterol levels within the normal range and in control will help you avoid many ailments and health risk which could be a threat to your health if cholesterol levels are too high and left unchecked.

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