10 Excuses That You Use To Avoid Exercising And How To Fight Them

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It’s easy to fall off the weight loss plan when you avoid exercising.

Regular workouts ensure that you are healthy and fit. Fight your excuses and try the tricks to keep exercising.

It is 6 am. The alarm clock is ringing. You realize that you promised yourself a morning run.

You turn off the alarm, saying “maybe tomorrow”. Sounds familiar?

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There are millions of excuses not to exercise – too busy, too tired, too bored. Know that an excuse is just a reason to dodge your commitment, so don’t kid yourself.

What matters most is how you combat them and emerge victorious.

Excuse #1: I am too tired to exercise.

Fatigue can actually be caused by a sedentary life style. Exercise can increase your energy levels and decrease your levels of fatigue.

Remind yourself of how refreshed and invigorated you feel after exercise.

Excuse #2: I never see results, so I avoid exercising.

Find out what works for your body. Muscles are smart; they adjust and conform to repetitive movements. To challenge your body, alternate your activities – you can try cross training or a sport.

Slight changes are all that you probably need to get results. You could also consult a professional fitness trainer, who can evaluate your exercise routine and develop a program suited to your needs, to achieve your goals.

Excuse #3: I am too busy with my hectic work schedule and family life.

You need to create the time. Mark “exercise” in your daily planner so that you can fit in the time to exercise. Figure out a good time to exercise, a time that you are likely to stick with.

Maybe you could wake up early in the mornings and take a brisk walk or exercise during your lunch hour or even do your push-ups, squats and crunches at home, while watching television.

Even when you are weighed down by work, you will find that exercise can actually increase your productivity levels and decrease your stress levels – leaving you feeling more alert and energized.

Excuse #4: I am not motivated enough so I avoid exercising.

Make exercise an outing – a fun event! Feel good about minor accomplishments like being able to walk up a flight of stairs without getting tired, or being able to jog longer without getting breathless or even just feeling stronger and fitter.

When you feel better about yourself physically and mentally, you will be motivated enough to be committed to exercise.

Excuse #5: I am self-conscious. I’ll look silly exercising.

Everyone has their trouble spots — that is why they workout. And most people are more concerned with their own workout and achieving their objectives.

Focus on your goals and don’t waste precious time and energy worrying about others.

Excuse #6: It is boring, so I avoid exercising.

If you are bored then you need to get creative — add some fun to your exercise routine. Find a new approach to exercising.

Keep yourself interested by varying your activities. You can sign up for a class you’ve never tried like kickboxing, African dance or pilates.

Or maybe, if you work out alone, find yourself a workout buddy, — your dog can also be a great walking or running companion.

Excuse #7: I am too stressed to exercise.

Exercise reduces stress. Working out can buffer stress not only because it acts as a distraction, but also because it is a great physical outlet for dealing with stressful situations.

Exercise leaves you feeling more relaxed, confident and balanced. Try it. It really works!

Excuse #8: I can’t do what I used to do; I’ve become too old.

Exercise has nothing to do with age. You are never too old to exercise. Evaluate your current fitness level; determine your exercise preferences and plan a workout that you are comfortable with.

Even though exercise may not erase the wrinkles on your skin – it can increase your energy levels, help you lose weight and live a healthier life.

Excuse #9: Exercise is not important.

Isn’t taking care of your health important to you? Don’t take your health and well being for granted.

Learn to appreciate what exercise can do for your body and mind – establish your priorities and make time for yourself.

Excuse #10: I am afraid I’ll hurt myself while exercising.

Like anything you do in life, you need to make an effort to learn do it right.

If you play a sport you need to learn the skill of the sport; if you use weights or machines, you need to learn how to perform exercises with correct form. Exercise done properly doesn’t hurt.

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