10 Steps on How To Lose Weight in One Month

How to reduce weight in one month in a safe and effective way?

‘How to lose weight in a month’, ‘How to lose weight in 10 days’, ‘How to lose weight in 15 days’, ‘Lose weight in 7 days’, ‘How to lose weight in 2 weeks at home’

You must have entered this search and must have got quite a few results too! But really, do you think you can lose X kilos in a week’s time or a fortnight?

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So how much can you really lose weight in a month?

Well, before you quote an astronomical number like 10/15/20, watch whether you can indeed push to these extremes without harming your health in the video below.

How Much Can You Lose In 1 Month?

Step 1: Understand your health status

A very big step in weight loss is first to know how many kilos lighter do you need to be.

A qualified nutritionist can help you in this aspect.

Otherwise, you could also calculate your BMI in Possible’s BMI calculator and understand your health status

Step 2: S.M.A.R.T weight loss goal

Realistic weight loss goals

Faced with a stiff target at work?

The very first step you tend to do is split it into smaller weekly goals.

Weight loss is just like that! Setting a realistic goal is very important. Here is how you can set S.M.A.R.T goals for sustainable weight loss.

Step 3: Be aware of the common mistakes

So you think you can lose weight based on some online research!

Before you embark on a self-perceived weight loss journey,

Have a read on the 5 common mistakes self-dieters tend to make when trying to lose weight.


You could also understand If your weight loss is healthy and sustainable.

Is it possible to lose 20 pounds in a month?

We were just talking about realistic weight loss goals. Twenty pounds translate roughly to 10 kilos and severe restriction diets may also help you reach that number.

However, remember what you will lose is the water weight and muscle. For long-term weight loss, you need to follow a diet plan which includes all food groups and also be physically active.

Step 4: Get the initial prep work done.

Blood tests for weight loss
Blood tests for weight loss program

This could mean analysing your current diet, your hormonal status with blood tests or simply doing a routine check-up.

This will give you a complete picture and help you and your nutritionist make informed dietary decisions based on it.

Step 5: Pay attention to your diet

While many would start with an intensive exercise regime first, we suggest you rather understand your dietary needs first.

A study found that physical activity may be hailed unnecessarily as a sure shot way to lose weight!

The ideal weight loss ratio for sustainable results is 70% diet and 30% exercise.

Best way to lose weight in a month
Best way to lose weight in a month

We hope you have realigned your priorities now.

Step 6: Understand what diet suits you

You may think that the Indian diet may be the best for weight loss. But unbeknownst to you, there are some serious shortcomings to the Indian diet.

Our blog points out 6 such problems in the Indian diet. Armed with this knowledge, you are better equipped to make informed decisions.

Step 7: Get a detailed diet plan

how to lose weight in a week
Weight loss diet plan

This goes a long way not just in weight loss but also in weight management. We have a general diet plan lasting for a month drafted by a Possible nutritionist keeping the nutrient requirements in mind.

This diet addresses the lack of protein and fibre in the Indian diet while adding in complex carbs to the equation.

However, there are many variables to be considered while drafting a weight loss diet plan. This is just a general one but we suggest you consult a nutritionist for a detailed one suited to your physiological needs.

How much weight can you lose in a month?

If you follow a healthy balanced diet that doesn’t omit any food group along with an active lifestyle, you can realistically lose close to 3 kilos.

However, this is dependent on many factors and how true you are to your diet and activity plan! Some people may even lose more depending on their metabolism rate.

Step 8: Keep a track

 Weight Loss App
Possible Weight Loss App

While you may be following the diet plan diligently, it is equally important to keep a tab on the progress.

You could download an app or keep a diet dairy. Remember to confide everything in the diary or the app for an honest and effective weight loss experience.

Step 9: Create a support group or a support circle!

You may not think so, but motivation is an integral part of weight loss. If you are signing in to a program, do so with a friend for support and motivation.

You could alternatively read motivational stories to help give you an extra push. Here is the inspirational story of 4 people who not only lost weight but also gained self-confidence.

How much weight did you lose in 3 months?

Well, you can ask this question to fellow dieters and get motivated. Remember, somewhere down the line, your weight may be resistant to all weight loss efforts.

This is called a plateau stage. At this juncture, support from friends and a well-tailored diet plan will help you the most! So, how much weight did you lose in 3 months?

Step 10: Cheat responsibly

Cheat days are long awaited in any lose weight in a month plan but it is important to cheat responsibly.

We give you the entire idea of how important are cheat meals and how not to falter on your weight loss plans.

So there you go, we have outlined the ways by which you can lose weight in a month in a safe and effective way.

All the best and Goodspeed.In the case of lingering doubts, you can ask any of the Possible Dieticians for FREE! 

We will be outlining some key steps on how can you lose weight in a healthy way in a month! Read on.

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  1. Norma Butler says:

    It’s so good to see some realistic talk about diets, I’m always finding these promises and weird plans that never work, but this has some truly valuable information.

    • Shobha Shastry says:

      Hey Norma,

      We are glad and highly appreciate your views. Indeed, being honest is one of the pillars on which Truweight is based! Keep subscribing to our blogs for more such information 🙂

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  2. Dipti Zaveri says:

    I am obese and a PCO lady with frequently less or spotty periods. Dr has prescribed metformin 500 mg in a day blood sugar is 139 after lunch.Gone through arthroscopy surgery before 2 weeks.what should I do to reduce weight and control pcos?

    • somaraghavendra says:

      Hi Dipti! We are glad to inform you that we do have PCOD/PCOS management diet plan. We customise the diet plan based on your sugar levels and lab reports. This diet will help you in regulating your PCOD/irregular cycles in 3-5 months of duration, you can see the results. Kindly follow the link, how we help customer to come over the pcos/pcod problems and dial a toll-free number: 1800-102-1255 to talk to the respective team. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NWKss1ETss&t=26s

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