Is Your Weight Loss Approach Scientific, Healthy and Sustainable?

How to approach weight loss

How to lose weight?? Does ‘How to lose belly fat’ get answered too??

Weight loss tips
Do easy tips work good??

There are multiple and ways to lose weight fast:

1] Starve:

Don’t eat food. You will lose a few kgs easily. All crash diets and mono-diets will make you shed weight temporarily. Though weight will bounce back with a vengeance when you start eating food again. :/

2] Fall sick:

Bigger the disease, bigger the weight loss. Cold – 1 kg, fever 2-3 kgs, TB 10 kgs. We hope you never have to lose weight in this way.

3] Lose water from the body:

There are tons of slimming machines and belts which do that for you. Salt diet also works by making you lose water.

Water has density and when you lose water, you, in turn, lose weight. But what do you want to lose?? Water? or Fat?

4] Lose muscles from your body:

Like water, muscles also have weight. When you go on a crash diet or a low protein diet, you tend to lose muscles, which results in quick weight loss.

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But lower muscles mean lower metabolism, which means you will gain more weight with the same food. This is the most common mistake every self-dieter makes.

They confuse muscle loss with water loss and ultimately gain back more weight than they lost.   

5] Sweat out hours working out:

If you want to lose weight only through exercise, then you definitely need to spend hours every day.

May be 3-4 hours, which is not practical for 99% of us (unless you are Aamir Khan). Also, it puts your knee at risk (even Aamir suffered knee problems).

6] Go to Moon:

Your weight will be 1/6th of your weight on Earth. It looks like we are in the wrong planet 🙂

Which of the above 6, have you tried? If you are an average person trying to lose weight, you would have tried 2-3 options out of the first 5.

Have you been able to maintain your weight or gained everything back?

Most likely you would have gained back all the weight that you lost. If you are Neil Armstrong, then option 6 is also an option for you.

But even he gained back weight after coming back home.

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When you should try one of the above options?

  1. When you want to lose weight for a particular day. You don’t mind gaining weight the next day.
  2. You don’t care about health. Losing weight is more important than your health even with the best weight loss pills.
  3. When you want to make some slimming centre rich for making you lose water/muscles weight.

But if you don’t identify with these reasons, then you need to look at scientific ways and diet to lose weight.

Why it is important to lose weight scientifically?

Diets typically make you look at food as if it is your enemy. We are always told to eat less calories and every food has calories. Hence, one starts looking at food as if it is bad for our body.

Veggie salad!
Fresh Veggies are packed with Vitamins and Minerals

But food is the greatest gift that Nature has given to us. Without food, we would not be alive. Without the right food, our organs will not function.

Food is so much more than calories; it gives us minerals, vitamins, protein, fibre and enzymes. Food has the greatest impact on your health. There is a famous saying “When food is not right, medicine is of no use.

And when food is right, medicine is of no need.” It is a totally myopic view to starving yourself to lose weight. You are not just eating fewer calories, but also less of everything else.

And it leads to all kind of problems from hair fall to feeling lethargic and to inviting all kind of lifestyle diseases.

Losing weight is not heroic. Anybody can lose some weight using some shortcuts. But losing weight in a healthy way is heroic.

Dietitians spend 3-7 years studying nutrition. If nutrition was just 1 line “Eat Less” course, then they could have completed the course in 10 seconds.

Why waste so many years? Obviously, nutrition has a lot more to offer. I believe not just 7 years, even a lifetime is less to study nutrition in detail. It is such a complex and deep topic.

And it is not just about health. If you don’t lose weight in a scientific manner, you will gain back all weight in no time.

Lost water weight, it will come in a matter of days. If you have lost muscle weight, you will gain back weight in few months time and you will gain not muscle, but fat.

So, you lost muscle and gained fat. Can anything be worse than that?

5 Questions to ask yourself if you are trying to lose weight

  • Am I losing fat or water or muscles?
  • Am I eating enough protein?
  • Is enough fibre, minerals, vitamins consumed through my diet?
  • Is there a loss in my health along with weight?
  • Will I be able to maintain this weight loss in future or will I gain back everything?

It’s very important to introspect. Losing weight in the wrong way will not help you in the long term.

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Science behind Possible

Possible logo
Make Earth Lighter and Healthier

We can say with full confidence that you will not find more honest, healthy and scientific weight loss programs in India. And this is why we say so:

1) Expert Team:

Backed by a team of 60+ nutritionists, Ph.D’s, food scientists & ayurvedic doctor, Possible has over 4 years of research-based experience.

2) Against counting calories:

A program which does not count calories, as food is beyond calories. Calorie model does not differentiate between sugar and protein and ignore micronutrients. Possible has a research-based unique formula to rate foods on health quotient.

3) Focus on hormones:

Hormones play a huge role when it comes to weight gain/loss. Diabetes/Thyroid are also caused due to hormonal imbalance which leads to weight gain/loss. Food plays the biggest role in managing hormones.

4) Attacks 7 causes of obesity:

Causes include hormonal imbalance, nutritional imbalance, gut bacteria imbalance, toxicity, stress, internal inflammation & lack of sleep.

5) Powered by Super Foods:

Superfoods are nutrient-rich foods beneficial for health and well-being. Possible foods are made with over 35 such Super Foods and them are good fat burning foods!

Possible Wellness Pvt.Ltd
Our Entire Hyderabad team!

We work hard to give you sustainable, healthy weight loss plans and weight loss tips. Almost everybody who follows our program report improvement in health parameters and energy level.

Also, our clients have been able to maintain their weight even after 1-2 years, as we teach them how to fish. We focus a lot on nutrition education so that you can eat healthy for life. What we give is an effective fat burner!

Whether you want to lose weight through a shortcut or in a healthy scientific manner, the choice is up to you. Possible gives you the best way to lose weight!

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