6 Food Problems in Indian Diet And How Possible is Solving Them With these Super Foods!

Problems in Indian Diet

Though general perception is that Indian recipes are largely healthy and that there are no food problems in Indian diets, it is not the actual case.

If Indian cooking was healthy, India would not be the diabetic capital of the world. There are 7 crores diabetic in India and another 20 crores who are pre-diabetic.

India has the maximum number of thyroid patients (10 crores) and around 2.5 crore Indians die of heart attacks every year. 

Such a big epidemic of lifestyle disease would not have occurred if we were eating healthy.

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Reasons for food problems faced in India

Though our Indian diet plan does not contain sugary and junk food like American diet, there are many food problems in Indian eating habits.

Carbs form the 70% of our diet, which is very high, thanks to rice and wheat. Our Indian recipes are deficient in protein and fiber.

We have stopped consuming the good millets which were quite prevalent few decades back.

Our Indian snacks are probably amongst the unhealthiest in the world. We do not consume exotic super foods, which are dense in nutrition.

Though there are healthy Indian foods available, most of them are health foods for the namesake. Oats biscuit has 2-6% oats.

Corn flakes are sold as health foods; though the fact is that it has a higher glycemic index than even cola. Any product with 1-2% lower fat is sold as diet/lite food.

Even 2 minutes noodles and all kinds of oils are sold under the promise of “healthy”.

Why is our country facing food problem; how can it be solved?

We are facing food problems in India because, in our health food sector, not much innovation has taken place (apart from fooling customers with clever marketing). Until now.

Possible realizes the seriousness of the problem. For the last 3-4 years, it is constantly researching on how to make genuine healthy Indian food products and Indian recipes.

Its team consist of food scientist from University of Missouri (USA), Ph.D in Food Technology from IIT-Kharagpur and Ph.D in Food Science from DFRL.

Why Superfoods are Important in Daily Diet?

And more than the degree, the passion in the team, has resulted in the most innovative range of health foods in the country.

Let’s look at some of the nature of food problems in the Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss and How Possible is finding innovative solutions:

Problem 1: Super Dependence on White Rice

Indian diet, especially South Indian dishes diet is highly dependent on white rice. From curd rice to idli to dosa to poha, everything is white rice.

We are not against rice, but we are definitely against its dominance in Indian plate. People accept that maida is bad because it is a refined version of wheat.

But white rice is also refined version of brown rice. We are afraid of saying that white rice is not very good for you, as people love white rice so much.

It would be akin to tell a mother that her son is not cute. We would be boycotted. But so much of white rice is definitely a big big problem when it comes to the Indian diet plan to lose weight.

Our Solution:

Quinoa dal dosa
Quinoa dal dosa

We took it as a challenge how to minimize the dominance of white rice from the Indian weight loss diet plan.

A dietitian would typically advise a client to have quinoa (a Popular South American Super Food), as it is a rich source of protein and is a healthy substitute of white rice.

But client would say “It does not suit my Indian taste palate. Plus it is too expensive! I want to have dosa. That’s what we have always had since our childhood.”

Dietitian would not allow her to have dosa, as again it is made of white rice. So, there is a major conflict between a dietitian and a client.

We came up with an innovative solution. Make dosa out of quinoa. It’s like killing two birds with one shot. Clients are happy, dietitians are happy too.

Our dosa does not contain rice at all and contains different varieties of dal and quinoa. As a result, our quinoa dal dosa has upto 200% more protein than traditional dosa.

Not just dosa, we have given a new avatar to our good old idli. Idli has a very high glycemic index, because of white rice.

We made idli with variety of mighty millet and replaced white rice with red rice. Whoa, now a big problem solved! You can try your own Indian recipes on the Indian diet for weight loss day!

Problem 2: Indian Diet is Highly Deficient in Protein

On an average a typical Indian would consume less than 30 grams of protein per day. Whereas the consumption should be more than double of that. Lack of protein is one of the major factors why people’s metabolism go down and people start gaining weight with age.

Our Solution:

It is easy to advise people to have protein rich sources in Indian food recipes. But if people wanted to do it, they would have done it anyways. It’s not easy to change diet drastically.

We thought what if we add protein to our regular foods, so that protein consumption can be increased easily without effort.

So, we decided to convert non-protein sources of food into protein-rich sources. It is akin to adding iodine to salt: simple solution but big impact!

We realized that people love having roti, upma, dosa, snacks, etc. Can we sneak protein into these products? We have been successful in doing so.

Results: our upma has 50% more protein; roti – 50% higher protein; snacks upto 200% more protein; dosa upto 200% more protein and drinks and bar with 6-7 gms of protein per serving.

Without making lot of efforts, our clients are able to increase their protein consumption by 70-100%.

Problem 3: Tasty Snacks are Generally Fried and Unhealthy.

List down the  snacks that we consume in India. Samosa, pani-puri, mirchi bhajji, bonda, jalebi, etc. Almost all of the Indian recipes are fried.

If there was a competition for the most unhealthy snacks in the world, India would win a Gold medal!

To give company to the so called weight loss diet Indian snacks, lot of biscuits have mushroomed in the market. It is part of everybody’s life.

But they are high in carb, fat, sugar and very low in protein, fiber. Even the so called healthy biscuits.

Our Solution:

Granola bar - Apple and Cinnamon |Possible
Granola bar – Apple and Cinnamon |Possible

We made a range of healthy non-fried snacks combining super healthy ingredients like high protein legumes, seeds, nuts, quinoa, amaranth, jowar, etc.

You must be thinking that it must be boring and bland. But they are not and can compete with potato chips anyday. You need to taste it to believe it.

Our snacks are the most loved products amongst our clients. They are not just low in fat (upto 70% lower), they are high in fibre and protein upto 200%.

To tackle unhealthy biscuits, we made bars which have 2.5 times more protein, 3 times more fibre and still lower in sugar and fat compared to a biscuit.

It is easy to consume, it fills your stomach and is even tastier compared to a biscuit.

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Problem 4: No Nutritional Drink Designed for Adults

Almost all of us have grown up consuming some health supplement (along with milk).  

But as adults, we hardly add any health supplement to our milk (and most of us even stop consuming milk, which is problem compounded).  The No. 1 reason is because there aren’t any available.

Requirements of adults are quite different from a growing kid. A kid can take a drink with 40-50% sugar, but an adult cannot. Also, an adult requires more of protein, fiber and lot of other minerals, vitamins.

There are few shakes available in the market. Two common problems with them are:

(1) They are either very high in sugar (up to 20-40% sugar) or they have used artificial sweeteners which are even worse.

(2) They are made of soy protein (as soy is cheaper than whey protein).

Our Solution:

Double and triple the fibre content of an apple
Healthy shake

We made “Shake a Day” which is made with high protein sources like whey protein. Also, instead of sugar, we have used natural stevia, which is 300 times sweeter than sugar.

So, there is no added sugar or artificial sweetener. It does not just make it as an unique product in India, but probably in the world.

We say “Shake a Day” keeps doctor away. Because it is not healthier than any food, but also healthier than one of the healthiest food: apple.

Compared to an apple, it has 31 times more protein, 12 times more calcium and 15 times more protein. Everyone should make it as a part of their daily lifestyle, even if you are not trying to lose weight.  

Problem 5: Indian Diet Lacks Fibre

Lack of fiber is again another problem with Indian diet. An average adult should be consuming 25-40 grams of fiber daily, but we consume much lesser than that.

Fiber helps you keep full, and also absorbs lot of impurities from your body, including fat. Adding more fiber to our diet is one of the easiest things we can do to lose weight.

Our Solution:

We made Tru Fibre, combining best sources of fiber in the world i.e. psyllium husk, gum, basil seeds.
Also, we have ensured that we use more of whole grains and retain good amount of fiber in our products.

Problem 6: Healthy Foods Are Not Tasty, Especially Super Foods

Take for example: Sprirulina. It is an algae which is one of the most powerful food on earth.

It is given to every NASA astronaut, as it contains lot of nutrients in a small quantity.

But it tastes horrible. People complaint of the taste for almost all health foods from amaranth to seeds to millet.

Our Solution:

Detox yourself with a hot sip!

We have worked very hard on making healthy foods tasty. We combined spirulina, wheatgrass with jaljira, so that it becomes a refreshing drink.

People now enjoy the taste of this product and try their own Indian recipes with our products.

We have made very tasty products out of millet, legumes, amaranth, seeds, oats. Unless taste is good, health foods will not be able to become part of your life.

We are constantly working on it even now, to raise bar for us even higher.

Here’s our video that will show you the 4 common food problems in Indian diet and how they can be tackled with superfoods.

Yes, superfoods can be the best answer to all your food problems.


By making healthy foods tasty and convenient, we are trying to change the way Indians eat with healthy Indian recipes.

Through our products, we give you the Best Super Foods from all over the world: Spirulina, Quinoa, Chia seeds, Amaranth, Foxtail millet, Moringa, Seeds, Nuts, Legumes.

We have done all the hard work, so that you do not have to. You can enjoy your taste and convenience and still eat the healthiest products from all over the world.

We are making India healthier, one serving at a time.

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