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6 Food Problems in Indian Diet And How Possible is Solving Them With these Super Foods!

Problems in Indian Diet

Though general perception is that Indian recipes are largely healthy and that there are no food problems in Indian diets, it is not the actual case. If Indian cooking was healthy, India would not be the diabetic capital of the world. There are 7 crores diabetic in India and another 20 crores who are pre-diabetic. […]

Oats Dosa with Veggies Recipe | Possible

Tasty and crispy oats dosa

  Oats Dosa With Veggies Recipe Much has been spoken about the soluble fibre beta-glucan in oats and their hypocholesterolemic, hypoglycemic effects. But did you know oats also have an antioxidant called avenanthramide that are highly beneficial? Well, I am just piling reasons to choose this oats and veggie dosa for breakfast. Know the recipe […]

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