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3 Ways To Make Healthy Karela/Bitter Gourd Taste Better

Healthy bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is a green coloured, a ridged vegetable which is not preferred by the many but has myriad of therapeutic benefits. Unlike its other family members, its characteristic is prolonged bitter, astringent taste. According to Ayurveda, consumption of karela is essential to balance body doshas or constitution, keeping in balance and preventing ailments. Table […]

Oats Dosa with Veggies Recipe | Possible

Tasty and crispy oats dosa

  Oats Dosa With Veggies Recipe Much has been spoken about the soluble fibre beta-glucan in oats and their hypocholesterolemic, hypoglycemic effects. But did you know oats also have an antioxidant called avenanthramide that are highly beneficial? Well, I am just piling reasons to choose this oats and veggie dosa for breakfast. Know the recipe […]

An Exceptional Cuisine- Chapati Noodles!

truweight is possible now

  An Exceptional Cuisine- Chapati Noodles! A healthy recipe and a healthier substitute, Chapati Noodles can be served to kids and even packed in their tiffins, loaded with vegetables and shredded chapatis. This seems to be the salubrious form of fast food taste. (Serves 2) 3 nos Chapatis 1 nos Onion (cut lengthwise) 1/2 cup […]

Green Peas Paratha recipe

Green Peas Paratha recipe

One of the most appetising recipes, this green peas paratha not only provides taste but also a host of nutrients such as vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B1, folate, phosphorus among others. Ingredient to make green peas stuffed paratha 1/2 cup brown rice flour (chawal ka atta) 1/2 cup jowar flour (white millet) 1/4 cup […]

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