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6 Food Problems in Indian Diet And How Possible is Solving Them With these Super Foods!

Problems in Indian Diet

Though general perception is that Indian recipes are largely healthy and that there are no food problems in Indian diets, it is not the actual case. If Indian cooking was healthy, India would not be the diabetic capital of the world. There are 7 crores diabetic in India and another 20 crores who are pre-diabetic. […]

Spirulina: Health Benefits, Side-Effects & Dosage Suggestion

Spirulina: Health Benefits & Side-effects

With the increasing need for good foods and a healthy lifestyle, humans are foraging new highs and new depths. We mean it literally since the latest health food to hit the block is Spirulina right from the depths of the ocean. Among the various spirulina benefits, the most notable one is weight loss. Spirulina is […]

Pick Natural Superfoods Over Weight Loss Solutions; Here’s Why

truweight is possible now

Weight loss solutions can give you short term benefit since most have side effects which impact your weight loss plans. Research shows that most effective way to lose weight is to opt for a diet-based plan, one which ensures healthy eating with protein-rich superfoods. Who doesn’t love short cuts? Especially, if it means losing belly […]

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