5 Reasons That Lead To Overeating & Why? Here Is How To Steer Clear!

Reasons for overeating

Medically reviewed by Spandana NagulapallyMasters in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

We all have known how it feels after a session of overindulging during our meals, something which starts as a sheer innocent hunger pang followed by our inability to control our appetite & our portions that finally leads to overeating and its consequences.

That feeling of sluggishness, bloating, feeling queasy, lazy and sleepy and the nightmare goes on!

Careless Bingeing At Social GatheringsInsufficient Nutrients in Your BodyIgnoring The Portion SizesNot Eating Enough Produce |  Eating When Severe Hunger Pang Strikes |  6 Easy Ways Prevent Overeating 

While none of us mind feeling this way once a while when the food served is really worth it and it feels justified to let go of our self-control at that particular time, it really is a concern if it becomes a practice and you feel these side effects of overeating frequently.

And then you know it is time to understand why!

In this article, we bring to you five possible reasons or situations that lead you towards overeating and leave you regretting later.

We are also going to discuss how to prevent it for prevention is always better than cure! So let’s get started!  

1. Careless Bingeing At Social Gatherings

What about a party excites us the most?

Most definitely – the spread! Many of us weight watchers start planning and looking forward to the delectable foods we are going to get to eat at the forthcoming party.

In order to “compensate” for the indulgence we are going to soak ourselves into (and that is already decided by the way!), we even skip our lunch (sometimes even breakfast) to make space for the spread.

We do not want to miss out on any dish at all! This is where we miss the bus. Making space for an elaborate treat by skipping meals is a bad idea.

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This leads you to overeat at once and in order to make up for the “sacrifice” you made during your meal times, you eat some more!

And there you go – acidity, feeling nauseous, queasy is now what you feel and nobody else other than you are to be blamed.  

2. Insufficient Nutrients in Your Body

Eating Salad And Fruits
Eating Salads And Fruits

If overeating has become your second nature and you find yourself constantly hungry and thinking about food, your body may be battling lack of nutrition.

While you may be sincerely trying to control your appetite and indulge in clean & healthy eating, you may be stripping your body of nutrition.

Just loading up on salads and fruits for meal times is not enough. Doing this will make you feel hungry a lot more than you can imagine and that is when binge eating makes way.

Also, loading up on too many refined carbs can also make you feel hungry very soon and lead you to binge eat.

Refined carbs provide energy initially but eventually cause an insulin spike in your body which leads to a dip in your sugar level which leaves you craving for food very soon – and thus the overeating!

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3. Ignoring The Portion Sizes

Given that suitable portion sizes for each individual may differ, not knowing the correct portion size that suits your body and appetite may get you overeating and then feeling uncomfortable later on.

You must know your portion size and try to stick to it even if you are attending a party.

Just filling up your plate with whatever there is and dumping everything into your stomach is the worst thing you can do.

Even a simple meal at home is enjoyed best when eaten in moderation failing which can make you feel drowsy and you may just find yourself sleeping when you should be actually working on that important presentation.

And mind you, the after-effects of gluttony do not leave you even after waking up. It very well stays!  

4. Not Eating Enough Produce

Produce which contain fruits and vegetables are high on water content and insufficient consumption of produce could lead you to overeat. This happens because water helps you fill up and that too without calories.

When you do not consume enough produce, there is not enough water in your body and you feel hungry soon.

This is why munching on a fresh salad right before you sit down for your meal is a great idea because half your appetite is already satiated and you end up consuming lesser food and calories during your meal.  

5. Eating When Severe Hunger Pang Strikes

It is quite natural to not be able to indulge in mindful eating or watch your food portions when you are starving.

When you are overly hungry, you do not really look out for healthy food options because foods high in calories and sugar seem more alluring.

You tend to reach out to unhealthier stuff even if healthy food options are available in the spread.

Extreme hunger pangs also make you oblivion to the food portions that suit your appetite and you tend to overeat mercilessly.

It is quite a common phenomenon to dream about heavy and unhealthy foods like maybe a pizza, burger, chips or doughnuts when you are starving… who wants a salad then?

6 Easy Ways To Prevent Overeating

1. Avoid mindless munching at a party. Decipher whether you are hungry or not.

Make a conscious decision of staying away from that plate of chips, nuggets and other alluring snacks if you feel even slightly that you can do without them.

Our mind often distracts us towards appealing food but it is entirely up to us to control it.

Scan the buffet table before you fill your plate so that you can think and carefully decide what you would like to have and what you would prefer staying away from.

2. Do not take a big plate while you are eating. Take a small plate and fill one-third of it with the foods you would like to have and let the rest of the plate being covered with salads and fruits. 

In this way, you get to enjoy the best of both the worlds.

3. Proteins and fibre-rich foods make you feel satiated for longer. Focus on those! Enjoy your grilled chicken or fish, tofu, chickpeas and other foods high in protein.

These will keep you replenished with nutrition besides keeping you satiated.

4. Make produce a large part of your diet. Even when you are enjoying a treat, remember to add fruits and veggies to them.

5. Always have a glass or two of water before you sit down for a meal. It keeps you satiated.

Avoid having water right after you finish your meal as it causes bloating. Wait for half an hour after your meal to have water.

6. Going to a party? Have a small snack before you step out. Grab a fruit of a handful of nuts before you head out.

Hope this article helped you! Please let us know in the comment section below.

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