6 Ways You Can Prevent Sagging Skin Due To Weight Loss

weight loss can lead to sagging skin

Healthy weight loss is good for the body, but can lead to sagging skin, especially if you have excess fat. Prevent sagging skin with the right weight loss approach and good skin care plan. 

Losing excess weight is such a good feeling. It is also healthy to lose weight so that it becomes easier for you to avoid weight-related ailments.

But as you lose all those extra amount of weight, you start noticing sagging skin around your arms, belly, thighs and even face.

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This is because large amount of weight actually stretches the skin and stretches the elastin, which is part of the building block of your skin.

With weight loss, the fat under the skin disappears and collagen, which is the structural protein under our skin responsinble for giving it firmness and elasticity gets depleted as well. Result? Sagging skin.

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But you do not really have to live with sagging skin, as you lose weight and attend your ideal body weight.

A little care and planning can help you lose weight without losing your skin’s natural beauty. Here’s what you need to do.

1] Lose weight slowly

Even you are excessively overweight, do not try to lose weight drastically. That has a very negative impact on your skin structure.

Try to keep your weight loss between 500gms to 2Kgs per week, depending on how much excessive weight you carry.

Fad diet and cleanses that promise fast weight loss compromise the contours of your facial skin and leads to sagging skin in other parts of your body.

2] Focus on building muscle

As you lose weight, try to work your muscles so that they get stronger and leaner and support your skin tissues.

Try strength training at least thrice a week to replace the lost fat under the skin with lean, and toned muscle.

This ensures that you avoid sagging skin. In fact, your muscles give your skin a more permanent foundation and keep your skin taut.

3] Eat plenty of antioxidant rich fresh fruits and veggies

Eating fresh, vitamin rich produce not only helps in your weight loss target, but also helps in keeping the skin firm and healthy.

Load up on foods with vitamin A, C and lycopene as these help in protecting the skin from internal damage.

sagging skin
sagging skin

Try berries, red capsicum, tomatoes, carrots, and leafy greens which help in building collagen.

4] Drink water

The best thing for your skin is water. Dehydration can hurt skin cells in a big way, leaving them shrivelled and weak, causing wrinkles on your face.

Drink at least 3 litres of water to ensure optimal flushing of toxins from your body and healthy skin.

5] Get a body massage

Get professionally done massages all over your body to help in lymphatic drainage, making toxins drain out of the body.

Massaging the sagging skin around your body also helps in toning the skin, and firming it up.

6] Try firming body oils and creams

Moisturize your body for collagen production. Pick up products with Retinol A or Ascorbic acid which help in stimulating collagen production under your skin.

You can also seek a dermatologists help to get moisturizers with epidermal growth factor that stimulates skin cells deep within the skin to boost collagen production.

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