7 Signs That You Might Need To Get Your Bones Checked & Keep Them Healthy

Awareness to healthy bones

How would anyone know that his / her bones are healthy? It is difficult to tell as it is not visible as the skin or it can’t be heard like the heart.

Well, a bone density test is a way to find out about bone health but it is generally not recommended till the age above 65 years or after menopause in women.

However, there are some outward signs that can reveal plenty about your bone health.

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Given today’s hectic lifestyle and depletion in nutrition due to consumption of pre-cooked or canned or fast food (often termed as junk food), the body is anyway starved of the right nutrition.

We make it even more complicated by not taking preventive measures to preempt the decline.

Ignoring intake of calcium-rich food and regular exercise can be detrimental to the bone health and can invite diseases such as osteoporosis or osteopenia leading to the risk of fracture and other associated disabilities.

With increasing age, one has to be careful to take care of bones and general health. Getting regular medical checkups, exercising regularly and taking a calcium-rich diet are some steps in this direction which should be taken care of.

It is not difficult to notice the varying signs of damage. However, one needs to put a regulated effort to ensure that some time is spent on noticing these changes rather than brushing it off as something trivial.

These signs are tips from nature which reveal the true health status of the healthy bones.

Checking these outward signs is of utmost importance for the person who wants to remain active and strong even in old age.

These simple tips will help in saving the person from undesirable therapy or treatment and above all refraining from enjoying the life to the fullest.

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One should take the best calcium food to maintain good health of the bones. Exercising regularly is also recommended for the ideal health of the bones.

The best food for bones are rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorous and has to be taken regularly.

While there are a lot of indicators, however, the following are seven signs that are very simple to notice and are the most directional in the diagnostic world:

7 Signs that are very simple to notice and are the most directional in the diagnostic world:

1.Receding gums:

One of the common problems is receding gums, which is often misunderstood as the result of lack of oral hygiene. However, this is not always the case.

Several factors are responsible for receding gums and one of it is bone loss. As teeth are connected with the jaw bone, gums can recede when the jaw is losing bone.

It has been shown through studies that jaw bone loss in women is related to lower bone mineral density in the places like the vertebral bodies at the lumbar spine.

The standard panoramic x-rays can be taken by the dentist to reveal about bone loss. Hence, besides the general oral health, it is vital to ask the dentist about any information or sign observed through x-ray about the bone health.

2. Decreased strength of the grip:

Often linked to age and general weakening of muscles with growing age. However, one can avoid the risk of fracture by preventing falls, but the real cause can be much different, like what causes the reduction in muscle strength.

Are the muscles really weak or are the muscles losing the base on which they rest? For avoiding such incidents, overall muscle strength, grip strength and good balance are important.

The recent advance in medical sciences and various studies have revealed that among postmenopausal women, the strength of the hand grip is a vital physical test associated with bone mineral density.

Good news is that hand grip strength and muscle strength can be improved regardless of the age of the person, provided one is careful about noticing it and referring it to a doctor during a preventive health checkup.

3. Weak and brittle nails:

This is very easy to notice, however, if one is not careful, it can be easy to ignore too.

Time and again it has been revealed through studies that the women taking up better bone programs regularly are likely to have stronger nails.

Brittle nails
Brittle nails

However, there are several other factors responsible for fragile and brittle nails like spending a lot of time in the water, exposure to harsh chemicals, digging mud in the garden or any other task which is tough on the nails.

Hence, it is vital to keep these in mind while assessing the nails as a sign of the weak bones and it should not be considered in isolation, as daily occupation plays a big role in shaping out our physical structure.

Bone health tips should be kept in mind for having healthy and shiny nails.

4. Muscle cramps and aches, and bone pain:

One common thing with growing age, aches and pains are considered to be a part of life. But the facts can be quite different; these signs are also indicative of the bones needing better support.

Muscle pain and bone pain is generally ignored as exhaustion or lack of stamina with age, but this may not be true. In most cases, it is a clear sign of deficiency of vitamin D which is an important nutrient for the bone health.

It has been revealed by the experts, that the deficiency of vitamin D is rising to an alarming rate and it is primarily responsible for the muscular pains.

Best way to increase calcium is to take it in sufficient amount in our diet by consuming dairy products and green leafy vegetables.

Muscle cramps is another indication of poor bone health. There are many reasons for foot and leg cramps, but leg cramps occurring at midnight is a clear sign of low levels of calcium, potassium, magnesium deficiency in the body.

For avoiding such a situation magnesium and calcium supplements are recommended to be taken at the bedtime.

Watch video for Simple Muscle strengthening exercises..

5. Height loss:

It is very common to find height loss with rising age, but seldom do we try to analyze the reasons behind it and often it is linked to poor posture. There are many signs to identify height loss such as vertebral fractures and poor posture.

Poor posture doesn’t mean bone loss, but it is an indication of weakening of the muscles around the spine, and as bone and muscle synchronizes, poor posture leads to bone loss eventually.

6. Poor overall fitness:

There is nothing better than being fit. Physical fitness not only rejuvenates mind but most definitely the body structure, regardless of age.

One of the most common medical condition called Osteoporosis has been largely associated with poor levels of physical fitness, in relations to factors like muscle strength, aerobic capacity, and even balance.

The decline in the general fitness is a clear-cut sign of low bone mass. However, one shouldn’t worry about these concerns and concentrate on improving physical health by improving bone health for ensuring longevity.

Even the women with a sedentary lifestyle can benefit from a well-planned health program which includes physical coordination.

Such a program can help even people in the age of 80’s and 90’s. However, caution should be exercised while doing a physical workout at such a senior age.

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7. Overweight and obesity:

Overweight and obesity is also a sign of poor bone health.

For avoiding such a situation one needs to focus on maintaining the ideal weight by indulging in exercises like walking or aerobics which will help in shedding a few pounds.


We all love to visit the beauty parlour for looking better, but this only accounts for our external beauty.

Not caring for internal health is like working on a beautiful building without having worked on the foundation.

The result is more than obvious, simply put, nothing but catastrophic. Diet for strong bones should be regularly taken for achieving strong bones and healthy teeth.

One normally visits a doctor when unwell; we hardly concentrate on preventive health techniques. With growing age, it is imperative that visits to a doctor should happen at a regular frequency.

Bone densitometry is a very simple and non-time consuming, non-invasive method of understanding bone related deficiencies. It is also recommended to have the best bone building supplements.

It is only in one’s best interest to keep the body structure intact especially as one crosses the age of thirty. This is even more important for women, who lose calcium and bone strength faster than men.

Keeping bones healthy means a more enjoyable senior living. No one would like to imagine oneself getting up with joint pains even morning, or not being able to climb a flight of steps or being devoid of the fun of playing with grandchildren.

Life is an invaluable gift; it resides in our body and we must treasure this gift of mother nature and ensure preventive measures to contain the effects of ageing by regularly maintaining and inspecting our bone health.

Calcium-rich foods for bones is highly recommended to ensure good bone health. By following these suggestions, one can have healthy bones and strong teeth for ensuring an active life even in the old age.

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