7 Tips For Men In Their 30’s To Lose Excess Fat And Build Muscle Tone


All men desire to lose weight and fat and have strong toned muscles.

Those men who are in their 30’s generally do not have such bodily privilege as they have excess fat in their system and due to the lack of proper exercise and diet, their muscles are not very strong and are not well toned.

For those men out there, who are looking for ways in which they can get the body of their dream, here are 7 useful tips to lose extra fat and weight and get toned muscles for men in the 30’s:

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1. Come outside your comfort zone in the gym:

If you are a gym goer, then you must have a certain exercise and stretching routine.

If your goal is to lose excess fat and tone up your muscles then it is advisable to go beyond your comfort zone while training the gym.

Try to do a few more sessions than you normally do. Putting a little more effort and continuing the exercise for a few more cycles will help you lose belly fat faster and also make your muscles stronger and more toned.

If this extra push is done after each exercise and done each day, the duration and amount of exercise done will increase substantially without adversely affecting the body. you can also find ways to burn calories even after workouts.

Organizing your day in such a manner where you can maximize your movement and activity will help you burn more calories and keep your metabolism rate high.

This will help in burning belly fat faster and will assist you in toning up your muscles and lose excess fat the next time you go to the gym

2. Use carbs to your advantage:

Carbohydrates are a tricky type of food. If used poorly and consumed unchecked, they will lead to a gain of fat.

On the flip side, if one can consume and use carbs wisely and methodically, it can help boost your metabolism rate and lead to fat loss.

Scheduling the consumption of the majority of the carbs in your diet around the time of workout or gym session will allow you to use those as energy.  

For the rest of the day, focusing on fiber-rich food will help reduce fats and improve muscle toning and growth.

3. Avoid being dehydrated: 

When looking to lose fat and tone up, keeping hydrated is important as exercise. Drinking liquid-like smoothies, sodas, and alcohol rarely helps in keeping the body hydrated and lose fat.

Simply drinking plenty of water or herbal tea is what will allow your body to remain optimally hydrated and will help in the dissolving and burning of belly fat.

Drinking water
Drinking water

Black coffee can also be used as a hydrating supplement and due to its constituent caffeine, it will provide an extra boost for the day’s activities.

Yet it is important to make sure to avoid having coffee before going to bed as it can disrupt your sleep and can hamper the required rest needed by the body after a long days work.

4. No fasting: 

If you are religious or even simply like to fast for some cause or in general think that it is a good way to reduce belly fat then it is time to stop that.

Refusing to eat denies the body of the fuel it needs to get through the day and keep your metabolism high. Without this fuel, the body cannot burn fat properly and you become prone to burning lean muscle instead.

If your aim is, in fact, to lose belly fat and tone up your muscles, eating in proper amounts, three meals a day every day is crucial order to lose excess fat.

5. Spending some quality time: 

Believe it or not, spending some “me” time alone can actually help you lose excess fat. This is primarily to combat stress and help you keep a peaceful mind.

Men in their 30’s have to deal with a lot of pressure and stress, stress releases a hormone called cortisol which is directly related to the fat deposition around your belly.

6. Get an adequate amount of sleep: 

It is also important to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. This is very important as due to the tenacious work and exercise have done throughout the day, the body needs to heal and re-energize itself.

Man (in 30's) having a sound sleep
Man (in the ’30s) having a sound sleep

Getting less than 8 hours of sleep for consecutive days will lead to sleep deprivation and overall tiredness. In this state, burning fat becomes difficult and rather than toning the muscles, the muscles get damaged. Sleeping helps bring about the proper healing of the muscles which help in toning them in the long run.

7. Use of supplements:

This tip may not be for all. The use of muscle growth supplement is an option that can be scouted by those who are absolutely committed to the cause.

Many gyms recommend the intake of muscle growth supplements to help men tone their muscles and lose fat.

It is important to know that using supplements to boost your muscles and lose excess fat might require extra training and exercise which can differ from the traditional exercise methods for weight loss.

By using such weight loss products and muscle toning products, you can easily boost your progress substantially and get the desired result. Regardless, before consuming such products, consulting with your trainer or a doctor would be suggested.

It is vital to know if the supplement that you have chosen is beneficial to you or whether it has some ingredient that might hamper you.

Finding some time out of your busy schedule to relax and let your body unwind will help control stress and allow your body to burn belly fat more easily.

Reading a book or taking a relaxing long bath are great ways to de-stress and unwind.

This will let your mind and body be refreshed and get back to your daily work and exercise with higher concentration and stronger resolve.

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