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Vegetable Juice for Weight Loss Recipe | Possible

Weight loss juice - weight loss

  Vegetable Juice For Weight Loss Vegetable Juice For Weight Loss 100 gm Carrot peeled 50 gm Beetroot 100 gm White pumpkin 150 gm Cucumber peeled Black pepper to taste 1 nos Green chili 2 gm Ginger 100 gm Tomatoes Method of preparation: Mix all the ingredients in a blender till fine consistency. Get FREE […]

Detox Drink: Coriander Carrot Juice!

Detox drinks for weight loss

  Detox Drink: Coriander Carrot Juice! Carrot is one of the powerful food that cleanses liver. It is an excellent source of carotene which makes it an integral part of detoxifying diet. Coriander Carrot juice gives health benefits of carrot along with the refreshing smell of coriander leaves makes it a perfect detox drink. 1 […]

The ultimate antioxidant juice: Carrot Tomato juice

Antioxidant juice

  The Ultimate Antioxidant Juice: Carrot Tomato Juice Want to look like your younger self? Want to wipe off the effects of an indulgent weekend? Want to detox yourself from high energy indulgences? Then this tomato carrot juice is the correct place to start. Rich in beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A, and also a […]

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