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Cucumber Carrot Juice Recipe | Possible

Cucumber Carrot Juice

  Cucumber Carrot Juice Recipe You don’t have to grab a Tropicana or a fruit juice if your resolution is to drink healthy. Opt for vegetable juices like this one and give yourself a glass of goodness.  Carrots are rich in beta-carotene and fibre, thus, making it a great antioxidant vegetable.  Want to know more […]

Bottle Gourd Amla Juice | Possible

bottle gourd with amla juice nutrition

  Bottle Gourd Amla Juice The bottle gourd amla juice can officially be called a powerful health potion. Bottle gourd or dudhi is a vegetable abundant in fibre and water. A go-to for the treatment of acidity, indigestion, ulcers, and constipation. Amla can be considered the most stable source of the otherwise environment-labile vitamin C. […]

Refreshing Vegetable Juice!

Vegetable Juice Recipe

  Refreshing Vegetable Juice! Everyone loves a glass of fresh fruit juice but many a brows are raised especially at vegetable juices. The recipe given below is perfect for those who are noobs to veggie juicing. 1 bunch spinach 1 nos carrot 1/2 cucumber 1 nos amla 1/2 beetroot A few coriander leaves A few […]

Carrot Sweet Lime Juice Recipe – Possible

Healthy Carrot Juice Recipe

  Carrot Sweet Lime Juice Thinking of a vegetable-fruit juice? Then carrots do feature as they compliment the fruit taste well. Not to forget, carrots are a rich source of beta-carotene (a precursor of vitamin A) and fibre. Combine it with the citrusy flavour of sweet lime and you have a star in this carrot […]

Bottle Gourd Mint Juice | Possible

Bottle gourd and mint juice

  Bottle Gourd Mint Juice Undoubtedly, bottle gourd is one of the healthiest vegetables around due to the presence of fibre, vitamins and minerals. It is known to be beneficial for gut related conditions. Mint on the other hand, also helps alleviate digestion related issues. We give you this gut friendly bottle gourd mint juice. […]

Detox Drink: Coriander Carrot Juice!

Detox drinks for weight loss

  Detox Drink: Coriander Carrot Juice! Carrot is one of the powerful food that cleanses liver. It is an excellent source of carotene which makes it an integral part of detoxifying diet. Coriander Carrot juice gives health benefits of carrot along with the refreshing smell of coriander leaves makes it a perfect detox drink. 1 […]

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