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Korra Rice Khichdi Recipe | Possible

Korra rice benefits

  Korra Rice Khichdi Foxtail millet or regionally known as korra rice/thinai rice/kangni/navane has come under the spotlight for a variety of health reasons. Studies have shown this millet to benefit patients with diabetes greatly not only in management of their blood sugar but also in keeping their lipid profile in the much desirable range […]

Healthy Comfort Food: Brown Rice Veg Khichdi

Brown Rice Veg Khichdi Recipe

Healthy Comfort Food: Brown Rice Veg Khichdi Although khichdis are thought to be apt for sick days, Possible has tried to make it tastier. This khichdi holds a lot of potentials to be tweaked to better suit the nutrition needs when on the weight loss too. Nutritionists recommend consuming 5 servings of fruits and vegetables […]

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