Defeating all odds, Rajalakshmi lost 12 kgs in just 4 months

Before joining Possible, Rajalakshmi, a 59-year-old housewife, was facing many health ailments like hypertension, severe acidity, spondylitis, sleep apnea, and restricted movements.

With pure dedication and determination, the guidance of dietitian and superfoods, she lost 12 kgs in just 4 months. Here, she shares her experience.

Rajalakshmi before and after weight loss
Rajalakshmi before and after weight loss

Life before Possible

Before joining Possible, she had many health problems.

High blood pressure, severe acidity problem, spondylitis, sleep apnea, muscle joint pain, and spinal cord issues.

This has resulted in constraint physical activity with low energy levels. Moreover, the acidity issues had resulted in the restricted food intake.

Sleep pattern was very irregular with a high frequency of blood pressure fluctuations.

What makes Possible different from others?

She tried many programs with different approaches like supplements, meal replacements, and Ayurveda but didn’t get the results.

She even tried yoga classes and exercise sessions but couldn’t complete because of muscle pain.

As soon as she came on Possible’s platform, she liked the approach of no restriction to healthy eating and no cravings or starving.

With constant guidance from the dietitian, she gained confidence over the program of achieving her weight loss goal.

The best thing about Possible

  • The Personal dietitian- She is a constant motivation factor. Whenever she lost hope, her dietitian supported her, motivated her and encouraged her throughout the weight loss journey.
  • Superfoods- She likes it most. The wide range of Possible superfoods has changed her eating pattern and that, now she eats only healthy food. TruGreen, Trufiber, Trudrink and all superfoods been her favorite
  • Possible App- It has been a true health guide. The app helps in achieving the target by setting health score and reminding to give up on junk foods.

The feeling after shedding those extra kilos

She feels very energetic, confident and happy after losing weight. All pumped up with the compliments she is receiving from friends and family, her diet plan is now the source of inspiration for many.

Moreover, her medical conditions have improved, witnessing reduced levels of blood pressure. Also, she feels more active and is even able to walk for at least 45 minutes and do yoga for an hour.

3 Tips for weight loss

  1. Follow the program that gives health with no side effects
  2. Eat more healthy food and lose weight
  3. Drink ample amount of water and eat complex carbs in form of fruits and vegetables

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