Anuradha Lost 23 Kgs and Her Weight Loss Journey with Possible

Anuradha is a 47-year old government employee.

Life was going fine for her and she didn’t have any major health issues, just some minor knee and back pain due to her increasing age and weight.

She weighed 85 Kgs, with a BMI of 35 plus. It was difficult for her to perform day-to-day activities. She had tried to lose weight earlier and had joined a slimming centre, which she found too stressful.

She had to starve and do long walks daily. She lost around 5 Kgs with great effort but regained the lost weight after eating normally again.

She then found Possible, which was quite different from other weight loss programs that she had tried. She finally found a company that actually wanted her to Eat More to Lose More weight!

How Possible was Different from other weight loss companies

Long back I enrolled in a weight loss company. During my visits there, I reduced 5 Kgs but with great pain, the lot of starvation and long walks. But with Possible there was no pain and I lost weight, by eating every 2 hours.

So the main difference she found with Possible was that she didn’t have to eat less or be hungry.

Best thing Anuradha liked about Possible

“The products of Tuweight were effective in losing my weight and keeping me healthy.

The diet plans, which altered every 3 days and the different diet charts was the best thing I liked,” said Anuradha.

Life after Possible

According to Anuradha, she was very very happy after losing weight with Possible.

Her cramps and numbness had vanished and she found herself to be fully fit. She can even walk any distance, and do her regular activities without a sweat.

Anuradha’s take on Superfoods

Superfoods are super. They worked very well by giving stamina and energy.

3 tips for weight loss from Anuradha

1: Just follow your dietician and the diet charts.

2: Exercise regularly.

3: Do this with confidence and positive attitude, while losing weight.

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“I will definitely recommend it to people who want to lose weight or those suffering from chronic health problems,” said a 23 Kg lighter and much happier Anuradha.

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