Venkappayya’s remarkable weight loss journey of 21 kgs in 100 days

Venkappayya’s weight loss success story

As a result, he was getting weary very frequently with a high level of dullness.

But things changed as soon as he enrolled in Possible where he not only lost significant 21 kgs in 100 days but also achieved an astonishing state of energy and fitness. Here, he shares his inspiring story with us.

Venkappayya sardesai
Venkappayya Sardesai

Scenario before joining Possible

Before joining Possible, Venkappayya was worried about his constant weight gain while struggling hard with a high frequency of getting tired.

How Possible is different from other weight loss companies?

He has tried many weight loss companies and approaches like joining the gym and doing dieting. He was losing hope as nothing was coming out of all the efforts.

Then came Possible that worked amazingly as no other company could ever do. From the very first week itself, he could feel the difference that encouraged him to move along with the program.

According to him- unlike any other weight loss company, Possible doesn’t believe in the system of dieting till starving, and that makes all the difference.

The best thing about Possible

The dietitian’s service. According to him, his dietitian provided him the best of service, guidance and was very approachable.

Also, the superfoods are another appreciable aspect, which are a rich combination of natural ingredients encouraging healthy weight loss.

Possible believes in the mantra of eating right at the right interval and in the right quantity. It is a team of dedicated members, always available for support and motivation throughout.

How Possible helped him?

He can feel the positive change after losing all the excess weight.

He is more energetic now and can do yoga continuously for an hour where even a few minutes of walking was challenging for him. He is contented with the results and happy with all the compliments he is receiving.

3 Tips for weight loss

  • Eat healthy and eat right on time at specified intervals
  • Eat more healthy and lose more
  • Drink a good amount of water

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