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Diet Cola vs Normal Cola

Diet coke vs normal coke. Which one will you choose?

Diet colas are the ultimate product of marketing. It’s like the get out of jail card where you can have all the junk food you want and not gain weight.

The marketing has worked so well that millions of people across the world don’t think twice before buying jumbopacks of diet cola, inadvertently harming themselves.

Say No to Diet Cola!
Say No to Diet Cola!


The real story though, is that diet colas are as bad, if not worse than regular colas.

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Is Diet Coke good for you?

According to studies, though diet colas may not have any calories, they certainly have an impact on insulin that resembles the intake of sugar.

When you drink diet colas, the sweet taste is understood by your body as sugar and this causes a release of insulin by the pancreas, similar to when you take in natural sugar.

And then there are studies to prove that drinking diet colas or diet cokes could increase the chances of obesity and might even prevent you from losing the weight you want to lose.

So, if you do want to drink cola, don’t fall for diet cola but drink the regular cola. At least, you’ll restrict your intake as you’ll be cognizant of its harmful side effect.

Do you know?

how many calories are in a can of coke?
A 12-ounce can of Coca Cola clocks in at 140 calories.

Difference between diet and regular soda

We all get perplexed in this diet coke vs normal coke war. And because of the much-hyped scenarios, we often end up choosing the diet versions. But the question remains- Is diet soda better than regular soda?

The thing is, diet cola has artificial sweeteners which are not at all good for your health. Even for weight, diet cola is worse than regular sugar laden cola. In fact, you are more likely to gain more weight with diet cola.

There are a lot of researches which show how artificial sweeteners can cause multiple diseases in your body, including cancer. Sugar is bad, but artificial alternatives are worse.

Every cell of your body understands glucose (sugar is largely glucose), but it perceives artificial sweeteners as an alien object. And it releases fat storing hormones to fight these alien objects.

Researchers at University of Texas Health Center found that if people drank a can or two of diet soda per day, their chances of gaining weight was higher by 50% compared to people who drank regular cola.

Scary isn’t it? We’re not in favour of any colas but the truth is by drinking diet colas you’re not doing yourself any good. Next time you really get the urge to have something fizzy, stick to regular colas.

Are you still considering diet colas, thinking you will gain a lesser amount of weight? Well, don’t believe us instead, believe the facts. Take a look at this video below and decide for yourself!


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