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Dum laga ke Haisha Actress Bhumi Pednekar Weight Loss Secrets Revealed!

Bhumi Pednekar Weight Loss Journey

“Where there is a will there is a way”. This quote was well proved by the actress Bhumi Pednekar who lost more than 27 kg’s of weight in a matter of few months. The actress “Bhumi Pednekar” known as “Sandhya” in her first movie “Dum Laga ke Haisha” with the co-star and singer Ayushmann khurana. […]

Know How the “Foodie Girl” Sonakshi Sinha Turned Out to be a Sexy Diva!

Sonakshi Sinha weight loss

Bollywood can be a tough industry. Even the strongest and most talented go through phases which test their character and that is why Sonakshi Sinha’s story should be accorded more respect. She got transformed from a plump kid to a fit and hot diva. From a chubby girl to a hot diva! Now she has […]

Healthy Eating Habits to Lose Weight | Possible

truweight is possible now

When it comes to weight loss, people can go from pillar to post to get rid of that extra fat build up. We stop eating our favourite foods, go for vigorous exercise, join world’s best fitness centres so on and so forth. Table of Contents What is Healthy Eating Habit? How do You Maintain a Healthy […]

5 Tips to Lose Weight After Heavy Meals | Possible

Avoid these things after having heavy meals

Do you know that your weight gain may be due to some habits you are addicted of doing especially after meals These habits may affect your rate of metabolism and digestion as well. They can also be harmful for your health. Table of Contents Your Diet Healthy Meals Taking a Bath Having Fruits Immediately after Meals […]

3 Effective Exercises to Lose Belly Fat | Possible

Benefits of Vitamin C+

Twitter user Viranya Dangkird had this question: Viranya Dangkird ‏@Viranya9  Jan 14 Hello Can you tell me about how to work out on belly pls I need to lose some fat I do exercise every day but I not think its work Hi Viranya!   If you want to get into shape and keep the weight off […]

Why 7 Failing Dieters never tend to lose weight? | Possible

truweight is possible now

People facing weight gain issues see dieting as the only solution to their heavy concerns. However, the unreasonable practice of starving turns you into a chronic dieter or shows you its ineffective side! That famous GM diet and Atkins diet compel you to give away your favourite food. Guess what? They are ineffective too! There […]

The Poison that is MSG!

MSG side effects

  Are you thinking of giving the kids instant noodles in their school tiffin tomorrow? Chances are you are serving your family and yourself a tiny dose of poison that can cause a variety of ailments. This poison is called “Monosodium Glutamate” (MSG). Monosodium Glutamate is a widely used flavor enhancer in a variety of […]

What is the biggest addiction in the world? Sugar addiction!

For most people, addiction would mean cigarettes, drugs or caffeine. However, little do we know, that the most addictive substance in the world is a big part of our daily diet – Sugar. Why is sugar so addictive? How can sugar be addicitive? I’m sure an inner voice must be refuting this, believing it to be […]

Weight Loss Starts in the Mind, The Body Follows | Possible

Weight Loss Starts in the Mind

We feel willpower is totally overrated!  It’s not willpower, but mind training that is the first step required in any weight loss program.   More than the body, we need to train our mind to be disciplined and keep nudging ourselves with small motivation. A proactive thought of a wholesome meal plan can change the […]

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