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Biggest Losers of Possible Share 7 useful Non-Diet Tips!

Weight Loss Diet Tips

Don’t look for Shortcuts: Kiran Kumar (lost 32 kgs)      Weight loss pills. Sauna belts. Non-surgical liposuction machines. Heat treatment. Weight loss massages. Slimming vests. 7 mins Flat Abs workout machines. Morning Walker machine. List of shortcuts are endless. But there is only way to lose weight: EAT RIGHT. Remember, what comes easy won’t […]

Maida – Why Maida is Bad for You!


There’s nothing like hot naans, puris and maida ki paratha. Well, if you’re brought up in a traditional Indian family, you must have had them your entire life. But do you know that maida is actually not very healthy for you? For years and years, Maida has been among the most widely used Indian bakery products. Maida is […]

Five Reasons Why Food Is Medicine | Possible

Food is Medicine

You are what you eat! There is no phrase truer than this. But these days, people are trying to replace the goodness of natural food with artificial supplements. Henry G. Beiler wrote a book titled Food Is Your Best Medicine in 1965 after treating his patients for 50 years with proper diet instead of pills. […]

6 Habits Of Healthy People Which You Should Embrace!

Habits Of Healthy People

You have to admit to the fact that there are no shortcuts to becoming fit and healthy. Fad diets are only a short term solution. It’s only when you incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle that you will begin to notice the positive changes in your mind as well as your body. Changes are not […]

Spinach Saute Rice

truweight is possible now

  Spinach Saute Rice Sautéed spinach combined with rice makes for a delicious meal and is a nice addition to any meal. 1 bunch palak 1/2 cup brown rice 1 cup chopped onion 2-3 nos green chillies 2 nos cloves 1/4 stick cinnamo 2 nos cardamom 2 tsp ginger garlic paste A pinch of turmeric […]

The Poison that is MSG!

MSG side effects

  Are you thinking of giving the kids instant noodles in their school tiffin tomorrow? Chances are you are serving your family and yourself a tiny dose of poison that can cause a variety of ailments. This poison is called “Monosodium Glutamate” (MSG). Monosodium Glutamate is a widely used flavor enhancer in a variety of […]

What is the biggest addiction in the world? Sugar addiction!

For most people, addiction would mean cigarettes, drugs or caffeine. However, little do we know, that the most addictive substance in the world is a big part of our daily diet – Sugar. Why is sugar so addictive? How can sugar be addicitive? I’m sure an inner voice must be refuting this, believing it to be […]

Pre and Post workout Meals | Possible

What to eat before and after a workout

Have you ever headed to the gym all pumped up and ready to go only to falter out of the gate, failing to hit your stride on the treadmill or your flow in yoga class? Or collapse on the couch, depleted and ready for a nap after an intense sweat session? There’s a reason you […]

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