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Maida flour: your tastebud’s favourite, but your health’s downfall

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Medically reviewed by  Dr. Pallavi Mhaskar, Senior Nutrition Coach Parathas and Bhaturas are people’s all-time favorite. Primarily made using maida flour, they are utterly delicious and one cannot stop gorging. However, if you are leaning towards a healthier lifestyle, you should consider replacing or making changes to these foods or any foods that have maida […]

Maida – Why Maida is Bad for You!


There’s nothing like hot naans, puris and maida ki paratha. Well, if you’re brought up in a traditional Indian family, you must have had them your entire life. But do you know that maida is actually not very healthy for you? For years and years, Maida has been among the most widely used Indian bakery products. Maida is […]

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