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9 Diabetes Diet Myths Answered – Possible’s Senior Nutrition Coach Sushmita Mukherjee

Half knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance!! – Thomas B. MacaulayYes, it is true that half knowledge is worse than ignorance and especially when it is regarding any disease, that too like DIABETES. Many times we rely on articles we get on the internet without even realizing that we need to be cautious enough before […]

Surprising Sources of Hidden Sugar in Your Diet | Possible

Foods with high sugar

Sugar is one of the lead villains in the waistline wars. But, the question is how to curb your intake. What you probably forgot was that apart from the sugar you add while cooking or at the table, there are many other food products choked with a considerable amount of sugar. Not one but many […]

What is the biggest addiction in the world? Sugar addiction!

For most people, addiction would mean cigarettes, drugs or caffeine. However, little do we know, that the most addictive substance in the world is a big part of our daily diet – Sugar. Why is sugar so addictive? How can sugar be addicitive? I’m sure an inner voice must be refuting this, believing it to be […]

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