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Know How the “Foodie Girl” Sonakshi Sinha Turned Out to be a Sexy Diva!

Sonakshi Sinha weight loss

Bollywood can be a tough industry. Even the strongest and most talented go through phases which test their character and that is why Sonakshi Sinha’s story should be accorded more respect. She got transformed from a plump kid to a fit and hot diva. From a chubby girl to a hot diva! Now she has […]

18 Celebrities Whose Weight Loss has Made History (14th and 16th are Surprising)

Celebrity weight loss

A recent picture of Fardeen Khan went viral and all for the wrong reasons: his tremendous weight gain! With numerous tweets and counter-tweets on body shaming, Fardeen Khan’s weight gain has ensured he embraces the limelight again. However, most of the Tinseltown celebrities have been in the news for staggering and sometimes shocking weight loss. […]

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