How Effective Is Inch Loss Through Laser Lipolysis & Does It Really Work?

Laser lipolysis- How safe?

Our desire to fit into that old favourite pair of jean, to look a few years younger with a slim and envious waistline, to be able to don all the in-rage dresses and halter tops without worrying about the bulges and curves, all this and more, takes us through various emotions, trysts, turmoil, making and breaking… and justifiably!

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Why Do We Feel The Need For Laser Treatment for Weight Loss?

After all, losing even a few inches is not that easy as it seems and requires an excruciating amount of determination, discipline and perseverance.

Many a time, us human beings give up the hard way (read the best way!) and opt for seemingly simpler options like laser fat removal or laser lipolysis without really analysing how effective they are and the possible long-term implications.

The objective of this article is to bring to you all you need to know about body fat removal through laser, how it work, how effective it is and whether you should think of opting for it, etc.

We will also talk about the various pros and cons of laser treatment for weight loss besides discussing a few better alternatives to laser belly fat removal.      

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What is the Procedure of Laser Lipolysis?

Laser lipolysis is an evolution from the traditional liposuction procedure. Laser lipolysis is a minimally invasive procedure bringing into use heat from fiber-optic lasers at various wavelengths to melt body fat.

As we have already mentioned that it is an evolved form of the traditional liposuction, which involved removal of body fat using vacuum suction machine.

A major advantage of deploying laser lipolysis over liposuction is that laser lipolysis shoots the production of the protein collagen, which helps in turning the skin tighter.

Dr. Abbas Chamsuddin – an interventional radiologist at the Center for Laser and Interventional Surgery in Atlanta said in a press release that

  1. “Many people don’t try liposuction they believe that the skin often sags after the fat is removed. This is especially true for individuals who want to lose abdominal fat, but also need the skin to retract. He also went on to state that the amount of skin tightening with laser liposuction is probably about 50 percent better than what would have been achieved with traditional liposuction”.
  2. He also said that combining traditional liposuction with laser lipolysis is a much better alternative to produce well-sculpted bodies with tight skin.
  3. “The procedures for laser and traditional liposuction have similarities. Both involve injecting a solution into the fat to numb the area and shrink blood vessels in the region (to reduce blood loss), and making a cut of about one-tenth of an inch”, Chamsuddin said.

How effective is Laser Lipolysis and should you try it?

Laser lipolysisResearchers have found that laser lipolysis is an effective fat loss method for people aiming to lose fat from small areas of the body.

Also, it is quick and because it does not require hospitalization, it does not really hinder the patent’s routine.

What is important to note here is that people looking for laser fat removal should not over aspire and think of it as a life-changing option.

They should clearly know that what they are just going to achieve is a better-contoured body, the visibility of the result depending on the size and type of your body.

In regards to the safety aspect of the laser fat removal method, you must know that because it is less invasive, it is considered safer than the traditional liposuction method.

Its effects are considered permanent since the procedure involves deactivating those particular fat cells with the help of laser beams disabling them from storing fat in future.

Given the procedure’s quick nature, the patient can actually resume normal lifestyle within 2-3 days.

Despite these observations, many medical practitioners discourage people from going for laser lipolysis due to its possible long-term implications, high number of sittings, and lack of solid evidence citing its advantages over the traditional liposuction method.

Thus, it is strongly advised to consult with your doctor if laser lipolysis, traditional liposuction or both, is the right fit for you.

Pros and Cons of Laser Lipolysis

According to Dr. Larry Fan – M.D., founder of 77 Plastic Surgery in San Francisco, laser lipolysis has has a few drawbacks, especially if your skin is not capable of enduring the sagging which happens after the procedure.

If you have clusters of limping skin, the procedure may not be able to act on the fat and may end up defeating the entire purpose of involving this procedure in the first place.

He also said that both laser lipolysis and traditional liposuction pose similar threats or side effects including infection, bleeding, scarring, nerve injury, adverse reaction to anaesthesia, and blood clots.

In addition, liposuction can cause contour irregularity, asymmetry, seroma (accumulation of fluid under the skin), skin discoloration and burn.

Better & Safer Alternatives To Laser Lipolysis

No surgery or artificially induced fat removal method can compare to natural ways to shed pounds or lose inches.

Though cosmetic procedures can help a bit in improving your appearance (note just a bit!), they do not resonate with providing a healthier body.

There are various exercises to lose belly fat that can be easily done at home or in office. Focus on these instead of going for artificial methods that include even minor invasions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is it safe to use laser fat removal procedure?

Ans. Though practitioners believe that laser liposuction is a safe procedure, in rare cases, it can definitely go wrong. In case you are considering this option, please consult your doctor if it is the right option for you.

 2. How much does laser fat removal cost in India?

Ans. Laser lipolysis cost in India starts from USD 999. However, the treatment cost can vary depending on one’s condition, body type and several other medical conditions.

3. How long does laser fat removal last?

Ans. It is believed that laser fat removal effects are permanent because the procedure deactivates the fat cells of that particular body area making it incapable of storing fat.

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