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For all the fitness junkies, it’s definitely a big no to anything that causes a spike in the blood sugar level. Once thing that we know for sure is that eating carbohydrates causes our blood sugar to increase.

One can’t deny that fact that carbohydrates are essential for us but too much of carbs can certainly lead to weight gain and obesity. But before you launch a dharna on carbohydrates, there are a number of things that you need to know.

The ‘No Carb Diet’

A no carb diet means that you don’t include any form of carbs in your diet. This includes potatoes, wheat, rice etc.

If you live with your parents, you may have a tough time convincing them for quitting the carbs completely. Now coming to the debate are carbs really bad? Do they contribute to weight gain?

Or you should take them? Here in this article we will enlighten you with the facts that will help you to decide what is right.

Why do we need Carbs?

Have you ever wondered why we gulp a bowl of white rice when we are really hungry? This is your body’s mechanism to defend you. When you are starved you are deprived of energy.

Carbs boost your body with high energy. People who do a lot of physical exertion must eat a lot of carbs as they provide them with the much needed energy.

These people normally don’t put on weight as they are physically more active. You must have seen the construction workers and other labourers, no wonder, they are so fit and slim. Having diet rich in carbs is their necessity.

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Why you should avoid Carbs

Our body needs all kinds of natural foods and not just carb. India is largely dependent on rice and wheat and that’s primarily carbs.

If you are physically inactive for the whole day due to your work environment, you must limit carb intake based on your needs but you don’t need to stop eating them completely. Learn to balance your meals.

Have a mixed diet that is rich in all the nutrients including good carbs.  This is the key to a healthy diet and a healthy life.

White bread and brown bread --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis
White bread and brown bread — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Do you know which type of carbs to consume?

There are two types of carbs here; simple and complex. White bread is a good example of simple carbs. They both contain carbs but there is a difference, white bread is called a fast carb as it will provide you with instant energy and there will be a spike in the blood sugar level.

We can say that it is not good for weight loss and diabetics. Do you know the reason why?

First they don’t keep you full for a longer time so you feel like eating more and that leads to weight gain. For diabetics it causes sharp rise in blood glucose level.

Now talking about second type of Carbs called as complex Carbs an example is whole wheat bread, it is the best carb food to have.

They are called complex carbs. They provide a slow and sustained release of energy and also there is steady absorption of sugar in the blood. It is good for weight loss and for diabetics as well.

Now you must be aware of the fact that all carbs are not bad for your health. There are carbs in the form of whole wheat bread which in rich in fibres too.

Cutting on Carbs completely: Health impact

If you have been on a low-carb or no carb diet, then you have probably filled your menu with food that is essentially high in proteins, right? But, cutting carbohydrates from your diet means that you might suffer from lack of energy and weight gain.

You know why? Your body will crave for carbs and one fine day you will cross all the limitations and end up eating lot of bad carbs and junk stuff.

You should not deprive your body from any food that is natural as your body needs all the blessed foods but in limits. At the same time you don’t have to overindulge in protein diet.

Sadly, when you avoid carbs completely, your body will convert proteins into sugar to get the energy it needs.

Excess proteins can also get stored as fat in your body. This process is known as gluconeogenesis in which protein is converted into sugar to supply energy when you are deprived of carbs.

Implications of no Carb Diet

You may be constipated, and weak. And surprisingly enough, you might gain weight as well.

Now what kind of Carbs you must consume?

As mentioned, you must take whole foods such as whole wheat, brown rice, multigrain flour etc. You can also have white rice but in limited amount.

Can avoiding carb lead to bad breath?

If you completely deprive yourself of carbs, there will be production of ketone bodies due to excess metabolism of proteins in the body. These ketone bodies are not good in any way for you and may also cause a characteristic smell in your breath.

To summarize: You shouldn’t entirely cut out carbohydrates from your diet. The idea is to have a balance diet which includes good carbs, proteins and other nutrients.

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